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What is Assisted Service Mode in SAP Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud’s Assisted Service Mode (ASM)

The SAP Commerce Assisted Service Mode (ASM) enables customer service personnel to provide real-time customer sales and service support using the storefront across the omnichannel framework their customer uses, both physically in-store and virtually online.

When a customer gets stuck during the buying process, the ASM allows them to finish the purchase by pairing them with customer support personnel using the same website storefront as them in real-time. So ASM allows Customer service representatives to perform actions on behalf of a Customer. 

Once the customer reaches out to the customer support and the support agent has some simple information (e.g., cart ID number or account name), they can find and emulate the customer’s cart, allowing them to provide sales or account administration support.

A storefront can also have additional business rules configured to grant the customer sales and service support personnel special access rights to display special pricing, promotions, upgrades, entitlements, etc. From B2C product sales and order support to B2B quote and order support, the ASM for SAP Commerce integrates across the omnichannel landscape and allows Service Agents to provide support directly on top of the SAP Commerce Accelerator storefronts.

The SAP Commerce Customer Ticketing System allows a customer to create, list, and update support request tickets from the storefront – to connect customers with Cloud for Customer support agents. 

Furthermore, for ticket creation from C4C, SAP Cloud for Service (C4C) can seamlessly integrate with ASM using an adequately configured SAML Single Sign-on. So service agents can seamlessly enter the ASM without reusing their credentials to support the customer. SAP Cloud for Customer provides Direct links to ASM to trigger this process.

Customer 360° View

The Customer 360º View in ASM provides a quick overview of who the customer is. Along with actionable information for the Customer support representative.  This view offers the following features:

  • The Overview page contains Active and Saved cart details. Along with Customer account details with a high-level snapshot of when they last ordered or created a ticket
  • Profile page contains a customer’s address and payment details
  • The Activity page shows an activity feed of Carts, Saves, Orders, Tickets most recently created or updated in SAP Commerce
  • The Feedback page shows Support Tickets and Product Reviews most recently created or updated in SAP Commerce
  • The Maps page displays the current store the Customer rep’s account is associated with so they can find their nearest store

Use Case Scenarios of Assisted Service Mode

Core actions the customer sales and service representatives can perform using the Assisted Service Mode:

  • Finding a customer’s account and session, or anonymous cart from where the customer left and contacted support
  • Assigning a customer to an anonymous cart (or vice versa)
  • Create a new customer account on the customer’s behalf (B2C), advisable to deactivate this function for B2B 
  • Provide sales support within the product catalog, cart, and checkout flow, adding products to the cart and checking them out for the customer
  • Provide service and support to a customer within their My Account area
  • For B2B customer, provide support to the customer within the My Company area

Account creation through ASM

ASM view for B2C Accelerator

ASM view for B2B Accelerator

Key Business Benefits of Assisted Service Mode

  • Provide real-time, contextual, relevant, and personalized customer service and sales support.
  • Higher conversion rates generate more revenue by reducing shopping cart abandonment through online support to the customer while ordering. 
  • Improves service efficiency and enhanced sales enablement.
  • Improves customer satisfaction through transparency, agility, and overall user experience.
  • Provides customer information through Customer 360º View by combining data from different sources and making it usable for other processes.

We hope this article clarified Commerce Cloud’s Assisted Service Mode. Feel free to leave any comments or questions on this topic, or let #teamASAR know what you’d like to learn about next!

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