Asar Digital


(Business Technology Platform)

Empowering seamless business innovation through extension, integration, and enhanced experiences.

Key Features

Application Development and Automation

Fuel innovation through a range of solutions comprising both low-code platforms for business professionals and advanced pro-code environments for expert developers.


Harness the capabilities of SAP Integration Suite, a cloud-based integration platform (iPaaS), to streamline and automate business processes using a suite of ready-made integrations, APIs, connectors, and established best practices. Integrate SAP and Non-SAP applications seamlessly to automate your processes.

Data and Analytics

Accelerate insights using SAP data and analytics solutions, designed to optimize the value of both SAP and external data through a contemporary, open cloud framework.

Extended Planning & Analysis

Create an integrated planning approach that unifies financial, supply chain, and workforce planning, fostering a cohesive strategy across various business units and enhancing teamwork across your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate key business functions such as finance, supply chain, procurement, sales and marketing, human resources, and IT, incorporating built-in artificial intelligence to enhance your core business processes.

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