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What is the Product Cockpit for Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud’s Product Cockpit enables businesses to ease the buying process for their customers with a seamless experience. From search to sales. The digital transformation driven by SAP Commerce Cloud enables businesses to become Omni-channel. Delivering the right content on the right set of channels at the right moment. 

This approach provides customers with a smooth shopping experience. Whether they’re shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in a traditional street-side store.

The backoffice of SAP Commerce Cloud provides businesses with few different perspectives, one of which is the Product Cockpit perspective, which we’ll cover here.

Product Cockpit Module

SAP Commerce Product Cockpit Module enables cockpit end users to manage and structure product information and catalogs in high-volume and collaborative environments. Product managers can visualize their input from multiple perspectives as well as make product management processes more efficient. It also provides insightful analytics for the business users to make informed decisions.

So you may ask, how would Product Cockpit impact my business? Well… in many different ways. 
For example, employees across subsidiaries and departments can access centralized information via role-based security profiles. Ensuring that users only view or edit content that is relevant to them. The content should be useful only for a specific user so that the user can make progress towards goals and have the ability to make quick and accurate decisions.

Access rights can be defined for various product attributes, product classes, or catalog versions. The SAP Product Cockpit is ideal for businesses with distributed product content responsibilities, as content managers can work on staged product versions, without affecting the live version displayed on the website.

Your next question may be, what exactly can a business do in the Product Cockpit? 

In the SAP Commerce Product Cockpit you can do the following:

  • Check and change product status
  • Search for products based on the criteria
  • Change product assignments
  • Create product and catalog data
  • Update product and catalog data
  • Synchronize products, categories and catalog versions
  • Create collections of products that you chose 

Businesses can use the SAP Product Cockpit for Managing All Product Information in One Place. 

What’s more important than having all the tools needed to perform effortlessly as well as available for quick and easy access and real time management? One of the most common criticisms coming from employees is that they lack the tools & resources to do their jobs effectively.  This struggle ranges to all job levels and departments within the organization and what comes after it definitely impacts the entire organization, possibly even starting with you. This results in workplace frustration, poor morale, reduced productivity and declining financial performance. Then the cycle continues; investments, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and accurate decisions in this declining environment are even less likely to happen.

Overcoming the Obstacles

So what can you do to overcome this obstacle? SAP Commerce Cloud provides businesses with  different perspectives for the solution, for example the mentioned Product Cockpit perspective. Perspectives can be configured to display role-based sets of user interface elements which means the right data is presented to the right business user. The SAP Product Cockpit is a highly customizable graphical user interface that makes product data management more efficient, process-oriented, and user friendly. Mass data management capabilities support and simplify workflows and synchronization making the job so much easier for its users. As a pre-configured application, the SAP Product Cockpit supports customizations – such as changing the front-end configuration or adding custom front-end elements – without requiring additional implementation work. It’s as easy as it sounds. The productivity gets an immediate boost and a lot of user frustrations simply disappear. 

What’s important to understand is that in order to have a successfully performing organization all business users should be able to access data relevant to their role. That improves the performance of a user, the company’s sales end result and most importantly satisfaction of the customer. The SAP Product Cockpit is a product data management solution that delivers both excellent usability and significant potential cost savings. Each organization has unique business requirements but every organization strives for successful sales, effortless workflows, and returning customers. 

It is our sincere hope that this article clarified the Product Cockpit and its use value within Commerce Cloud. If you have any questions about Commerce Cloud, feel free to leave them below, or, as always, reach out to #teamASAR with any suggestions on what you’d like to see covered.

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