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Can Sales Cloud Be Integrated with Microsoft Outlook?

The short answer: absolutely! Sales Cloud integration is as simple as downloading an add-in to your Outlook. Then customizing your settings, and then letting the system go to work for you! This brief article will discuss the details and benefits of this integration (no lengthy explanation necessary; because the process is just that simple).

SAP Sales Cloud Integration with Microsoft Outlook

For sales professionals, life inside of Microsoft Outlook has become the day-to-day operation. In the days before integration possibilities, sales teams needed to constantly jump back and forth between their CRM and Outlook to get necessary information. This toggling is frustrating, time-consuming, and ultimately hurts the bottom line. With SAP’s out of the box Outlook server-side plug-in, sales teams can work seamlessly in both systems, for optimized performance.

Why integrate your system?

Once your system is integrated, your sales professionals can synchronize everything. Their leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, calendars, and even emails from Outlook to Sales Cloud. Your team’s Outlook desktops then get a pane-view. Thus giving them the ability to associate important sales information from Outlook with items inside of their Sales Cloud CRM. A pop-up window will give realtime assurance of the data synchronizations taking place, and show the team-member when they’re completed. Emails will connect to their respective leads and opportunities within the Sales Cloud pane, resulting in a more organized workflow. Instead of the team member having to toggle back and forth. Taking your team from pain – to pane!

The plug-in lets you drag and drop emails into Sales Cloud. Thus associating those emails with the sale inside of the CRM. The calendar synchronization keeps professionals up to date with activities created in either Sales Cloud or Outlook. For sales professionals maintaining contact information is easier than ever; simply add contacts to your integration folder and sit back while they synchronize with Sales Cloud.

It has never been easier to get your business where it needs to be. Give your team the appropriate tools to optimize workflow. Why wait? End the frustration and reach out to #teamASAR today for more information on this quick and beneficial integration.

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