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(Configure, Price, and Quote)

SAP CPQ Enables Automated Quote Processes for Quick & Easy Pricing of Structured Products & Services

Quickly create detailed business quotes with our SAP CPQ solution, streamlining the configuration process across sales channels. Empower your sales team and partners to efficiently manage complex product configurations, pricing, and proposal creation, seamlessly integrating with CRM, e-commerce, and ERP systems for accelerated sales processes.

Key Features

Streamlined Quote Configuration

Equip sales representatives with the ability to rapidly generate professional, accurate quotes that comply with corporate standards.

Efficient Quote Management

Simplify the process of creating quotes, handling any level of complexity, inter-product relationships, or quote volume.

Advanced Quote Generation

Produce extensive quotes, even those exceeding 10,000 lines, swiftly with automated approvals and specialized workflow management.

Margin Protection and Growth Strategies

Safeguard profit margins in every transaction through detailed control over pricing based on product, customer, and distribution channels.

Rule-Based Discount Management

Prevent unauthorized discounting by implementing rule-based eligibility and margin-safe measures.

Strategic Upselling and Pricing

Enhance deal value through smart upsell and cross-sell suggestions, coupled with strategic pricing advice.

Integrated Operational Efficiency

Boost operational productivity at reduced costs by integrating quote-to-fulfillment processes.

Optimized Quote Creation

Utilize existing variant configuration models and ERP data to refine the quoting process.

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Revenue Growth

Foster customer interactions and increase sales by integrating a cohesive data model with SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud.

Customer Success Stories

Transforming Sales Quoting process for Rochester Electronics with SAP CPQ Implementation

Transforming Sales Quoting Process For Rochester Electronics With SAP CPQ Implementation

VACCO’s digital transformation with SAP Sales Cloud and CPQ Implementation

VACCO’s Digital Transformation With SAP Sales Cloud and CPQ Implementation

How Auris health Reduced Sales Quotes turnaround time from days to minutes with SAP CPQ

How Auris Health Reduced Sales Quotes Turnaround Time From Days To Minutes With SAP CPQ

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