SAP Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a scalable sales configuration software engineered to streamline the complete quote-to-order process. Seated at the top of the CPQ Market, SAP CPQ replaces traditional quoting methods by automating complex sales processes involving multifaceted product offerings and complex pricing structures. An SAP CPQ solution integrates out-of-the-box with any CRM software and can accelerate a business’s configuration, pricing, and quoting functions. This modernized sales approach seamlessly allows information to flow across the ERP platform empowering the sales team to efficiently connect with all business facets. Importantly, understand that SAP CPQ works as a powerful extension to the ERP/CRM platform designed to simplify the sales process. 

SAP CPQ Primary Functions

Naturally, one might wonder exactly how SAP CPQ delivers sales process improvements.

  • Product catalog: houses a robust list of company offered simple and configurable products. To differentiate company products, categories and subcategories help users sort through the product catalog. Each product displays a different image to simplify the selection process. Users have the option to search for products by name, part number or product description. For commonly used products and/or configurations, the user may use the Favorites feature to assemble a quick access list. To better serve the customer, users can use the comparison feature to see details on two or more selected products.
  • Guided selling: a tool that helps users find products matching their needs. Guided selling utilizes product attribute selections made by the user to narrow down products in a category.
  • Quote creation tools: enable the user to create detailed quotes with automated workflows quickly and accurately. The built-in document generator produces professional-grade documents in seconds. SAP CPQ has the ability to deliver quotes instantly. Company approved templates, pricing rules, and content files simplify the quoting process.
  • A customizable approval process: administrators have the option to set approval rules to restrict users from certain quoting actions. For example: an administrator may want to restrict users from discounting a product above a certain threshold without manager approval.
  • Automated approval workflows: SAP CPQ allows administrators to automate certain approval processes, thus reducing the need for time-consuming manual approvals. For example: automatically transition the approved quote to the sales order.
  • Integration with CRM: SAP CPQ provides out-of-the-box integration with major CRM software such as SAP Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc.
  • Integration with SAP ERP: If you are running SAP ERP, you can create a follow-up Sales Order or Contract in SAP ERP from an approved quote in SAP CPQ.

Customer Experience Impact

Sales process improvements positively impact customer experience. Customer experience, a foremost consideration for all business operations, is primarily an area where businesses can realize immense sales impact. With improvements in accuracy, reduced quote times and intelligent product pairing, SAP CPQ enables sales teams to realize exponential success. 

Additional Resources

If you want to see the demo of SAP CPQ, please see our video from a previous webinar. For the latest product information, you can visit SAP site. If you need help gaining a better understanding of SAP CPQ and how it can help your quoting process, please contact us