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What are the Benefits of Integrating SAP Market Rates and C/4HANA?


Let’s dive in by defining both SAP Market Rates and C/4HANA. The CX Solutions offered by SAP fall under the umbrella term of C/4HANA. Encapsulating Cloud for Customer, Cloud for Sales, Cloud for Service, and the like. So these clouds are dense. They consolidate commonly used front-office processes like consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service. Legacy CRM has a sales-only focus, you can think of C4 as its more modern cousin. 

SAP Market Rates Management 

Market Rates Management is a preconfigured solution that allows access to a smorgasbord of market data. Tedious importing processes can be automated, the onboarding process is speedy, and the time-consuming ordeal of sifting through separate contracts is eliminated. For this reason, Market Rates Management is the industry standard for currency clarity.

For sales professionals, selling globally can be a headache. With changing currencies over the course of a sale, maintaining the bottom line can become blurry. SAP Market Rates and C/4HANA together provide that much-needed helping hand to your sales professionals. A simple press of a button and your global team can now achieve their foreign exchange calculations. Thus, the achievement allows your sales team to simplify sales operations and reduces risk of less comprehensive pricing conversions.

Why integrate your system?

Having SAP Market Rates and C/4HANA integrated provides you with the gold standard of Reliable Pricing. So along with reliable pricing your sales team gets up-to-date market rates to help them identify financial risks. Thus preventing financial losses. Using the latest rates from Refinitiv (formally Thomas Reuters) gives you an easy plugin pay system with automated updates. Additionally, this feature also allows you to bring your own rates into the system. Once this system is set up, your sales team will have the ability to quote and sell with updated pricing rates. 

As always, we aim to clarify these complex systems and the vastness of what they encompass when it comes to improving your processes. We hope this article offers such clarity. To us, the choice is clear, simplify your global sales processes with integration. Unleash the true potential of SAP Market Rates by integrating with SAP C4 today!

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