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Make Your Proposals Stand Out with SAP CPQ

SAP CPQ offers the ability to create hyper-customized proposal documents. Typically, the quote is the first official document a customer receives. It’s critical to invest in your quotes’ appearance, content, and usability. If you’re an existing SAP CPQ user, there are many ways to maximize your SAP CPQ benefits. So it’s to your advantage to understand them.

In this article we will review:

  • The cover page
  • Multi section templates
  • Multiple templates
  • E-signature Integration
  • Branding.

By incorporating one or more of the below simple updates using SAP CPQ, proposals are guaranteed to stand out.

The Cover Page

The cover page is often overlooked, or brushed off as unnecessary. On the contrary, a well thought out cover page helps you communicate important information to your customer. Moreover, a cover page is a great opportunity to let your company brand shine with graphics, logos, and company slogans. The cover page sets the tone, and transforms a generic quote into a professional proposal. SAP CPQ allows businesses to create their own quote template in PDF, Excel, and Word formats. Adding a cover page is simple. Just update your existing Word template with a cover page, and upload the document to SAP CPQ

Multi-Section Templates

It’s important to note that quoting does not have to be a one-size-fits-all experience. Rather, every Sales Representative can create a quote that fits their customers’ specific needs with the use of multisection templates. SAP CPQ allows company administrators to create sectioned templates. So that Sales Representatives can build a quote that makes the most sense for each customer or scenario.

For example, a Sales Representative may want to hide discounts from their prospect initially. Meaning that they only present a proposal with discounts if the prospective customer counters. In this scenario, the Sales Representative can easily add in a discount section template. Which involves simply checking a box before generating their proposal. Even more, company administrators can control which user type can see each template. This comes in handy. Especially for companies who have many different product and/or service offerings that span across different departments. With these permission controls company administrators can dictate which templates are available to each user type. So that the Sales Representative can select the appropriate template. 

Maintain Multiple Templates

With SAP CPQ, companies can maintain more than one general quoting template. This comes in handy when businesses need to generate proposals, contracts, statements of work, etc. Maintaining all of these templates in a centralized location greatly simplifies the sales process, drastically reducing the sales cycle duration.

E-Signature Integration

Nothing speaks more to the customer than simplicity. Gone are the days of printing documents for signatures. SAP CPQ integrates with E-signature applications; like Docusign and AdobeSign. These integrations make for a seamless, quick acceptance process. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about the look and feel of the document, it’s also about the experience. Which is why an integration with E-sign applications is always popular.

Customize with Company Branding and Logos

Finally, an excellent way to elevate the customer experience is to create your templates with company branding and logos. In addition to customizing your templates with branding, consider customized templates for specific customers, industries, etc. Personalized quotes are a great way to set you apart from the competition. The smallest touch can make the greatest difference in the customer’s eyes. CPQ Proposals allow for this.

In today’s digital world businesses only get a few seconds to capture a customer’s interest. Which only makes the proposal that much more important. In many cases it’s the last chance to make an impression on the customer. We hope you found these tips helpful for your business. Please feel free to comment with any CPQ Proposals questions on this blog post! For additional resources on SAP products and implementation services please visit ASAR Digital

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