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What’s New in SAP Commerce Cloud 2211?

Sleigh bells are ringing.  Mistletoe is hanging.  And online shopping carts are filling up everywhere, under Santa’s watchful eye.  Not to be outdone by that jolly Santa fellow, SAP has a few surprises, too, to bring smiles this holiday season.

SAP has released Commerce Cloud version 2211 which provides a multitude of new features and improvements to the platform that will improve customer satisfaction for online storefronts.

Highly Customized For Your Store

SAP’s Headless Cloud Platform is an API service that enables existing storefront applications to implement SAP Commerce Cloud’s backend features, and enables businesses to provide a highly customized experience to their customers through their online storefront.

A Service Agent’s Dream

The new version of SAP Commerce Cloud provides new OCC APIs for use in existing storefront applications. These updates provide new and improved functionality, enabling the integration of SAP Commerce Cloud customer support services such as Assisted Service Module, 360° customer view, account summary, and customer ticketing with existing storefront applications. 

The update also provides a new API for Configure Price Quote and Variant Configurator integration, and adds support for reCAPTCHA verification.

E-Commerce Storefront Templates

SAP Commerce Cloud now provides B2B and B2C variants of SAP’s Spartacus storefront, enabling businesses to arrange their online store using pre-made web components in a no-code environment. This makes it easy to get a storefront up and running quickly without the need to hire a web designer or website developer.

Want a quick refresh of how SAP Commerce Cloud drives profitable revenue from digital commerce?  Watch the video here

Composable & CDC

In SAP Commerce Cloud version 2211, Spartacus has been renamed and reintroduced as the Composable Storefront, with full enterprise support and SAP Commerce Cloud integration. It also further builds upon the existing Spartacus functionality, introducing new features and improvements including:

  • Accessibility and screen reader enhancements for visually impaired users
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) integration for user login and registration, simplifying the process of implementation and enabling better customization
  • User experience improvements including buttons to show password, clear cart, add to cart from carousel, etc.
  • Improvements to the development environment

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Smarter Customer Engagement and Conversion

SAP Commerce Cloud provides AI-enabled marketing features to your storefront such as adaptive search, which provides personalized search recommendations to customers and allows your online store to position products based on individual customer preferences.

The new release builds on SAP’s Intelligent Selling Services technology, providing enhanced contextual product discovery features such as:

  • Generating product recommendations using a deep learning model based on the data you already have about a customer’s prior shopping behavior on your storefront
  • Providing intelligent recommendations using existing product data points for users on whom your storefront has not yet gathered sufficient customer preference information
  • Using customer search behavior to suggest similar or next best products
  • Using your inventory data to suggest products that are high in stock

Commerce Cloud Case Study: Kodak

Click here to see how ASAR Digital’s high-tech client Kodak is now leveraging the power of SAP Commerce Cloud.

Tighter End-To-End Integrations

SAP Commerce Cloud’s new release is leveraging SAP S/4HANA’s enterprise resource planning capabilities to enhance the B2B buyer experience. These functionalities enable better collaboration between sales anad fulfillment teams. This enables your business to:

  • Integrate a storefront with SAP S/4HANA and use existing business processes such as price calculations, credit limits, and inventory availability within SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Provide self-service orders, reorders, and returns capability from your Commerce Cloud storefront to SAP S/4HANA Sales
  • Provide invoices to your customers

So what’s the impact on the immediate future?  Read the new 2023 Trend Report from ASAR Digital & SAP, right here!

Less Friction, More Smiles with New PunchOut

SAP Commerce Cloud’s new Level 2 PunchOut support enables business customers to access your products more easily through their procurement networks. Furthermore, this feature gives procurement networks more detailed information about your products, increases visibility and traffic to PunchOut sites, and provides a better buyer experience compared to competing suppliers.

SAP Store: New Custom Solutions

SAP has forged new partnerships which bring additional capabilities to SAP Commerce Cloud. The SAP Store now houses new solutions including:

  • Akeneo, a product information management solution for retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and brands to enhance your product catalogs
  • Mercaux, a set of solutions that provides better customer experience from the product discovery stage to checkout
  • EcoCart, a solution that gives customers the option to choose environmentally friendly checkout options such as eco-friendly shipping
  • BASE1, a platform that allows storefronts to leverage mobile sales more effectively
  • Obsess, a platform that creates 3D virtual stores for SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Bolt, a solution that improves customer experience and conversion by providing improved checkout, identity, accounts, payments, and post-purchase capabilities
  • SAP Services, a support solution that enables you to optimize performance, increase global reach, or scale your storefront more effectively.

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