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You know the scene in Star Wars where Jabba The Hutt gets strangled by one of his own slaves, Princess Leia, as it were.  Jabba was the definition of gluttony.  And it led to his own demise. The digital age of B2B is having its own gluttonous paradox right now.  With more data available than ever before, and more expectation from customers that we leverage data to create super smooth customer experiences, are we succeeding?  Well.

Fail!  We surveyed thousands in the Manufacturing industry and the results were startling.  Today, we may fancy ourselves, post-pandemic, as a digitally mature society.  But, not so fast my friend! The reality is, according to our new survey, most surveyed see massive gaps in where they want their customer journeys to be – and where they actually are.  More basic, many companies have not solved how to capture, sort and leverage their customer data.  Let’s dive right into 2022’s biggest CX failures in the Manufacturing industry, and how you can be your customer’s hero, in 2023.

28% surveyed say their company does NOT do a good job of capturing and managing customer and prospect interaction data.

We have more data than ever before, coming at us in seemingly every direction.  Start with your own website.  Then quickly expand out to the omnichannel word.  Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TV, radio, OTT, Blog-o-sphere.  Heck, even the Metaverse. Your customers can be virtually (ha! Pun police!) anywhere.  For every purchase, like, share, emoji, or looooooooong rant, a new data point.  Which is great.  Except for that one massive disconnect.  They don’t report that data to the same places.  So, step 1, “capturing” customer and prospect data may sound pretty daunting.  And, frankly, it is. Your business, large or small, is going to need a CRM that brings all this data together – and do so in a way that is manageable and actionable.  Enter, ASAR Digital, an SAP Gold Partner.  From eCommerce to Sales & Service, there’s an SAP solution. More on the solutions, in just a bit.  But first, yep, more data! Prospect interaction data can be a gold mine.  Time and resources are often the biggest challenge for any business.  Thus, the ability to be laser focused with which prospects you target, can be a gold mine.  SAP’s A.I. will help you keep your Sales team invested in the prospects most likely to convert. LESS ORDERING FRICTION, MORE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 92% say they are NOT ‘very effective’ in Customer Self-Service under their current Commerce system. Less friction, more satisfaction.  That’s what customers want in 2023.  Fewer steps, and honestly, fewer people, are key to creating less friction in your customer’s journey.  This is where a Digital CX strategy becomes paramount.  Digital CX creates seamless experiences, in both B2B and B2C, with Customer Self-Service ordering.  For B2B, this means a more Amazon-like ordering experience, where buyers simply fill an online shopping cart with their business needs.  That’s the beauty of SAP’s online storefronts, now with super easy templates to get new adopters up to speed, fast.  Or if you need complex customization, no problem, ASAR Digital offers full customization to each client’s needs. For B2C, the storefronts in the new SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 are easier than ever, allowing launch of an online store from brilliant SAP templates, without the additional expense of an entire design team. Plus, the ability for automated ordering means you can both stay in stock, but also, remove bulky extra steps.  Less friction! There you have it.  Less friction, more satisfaction.  That’s how you make your customer the hero in 2023. Can’t wait?  Learn more about how ASAR Digital can bring SAP Commerce Cloud to your business here CUSTOM MADE EASY82% of survey respondents DO NOT have an automated and easy system for creating quotes and converting them into orders.

For many companies, customization reigns supreme.  They need more than standard OOTB functionality in their CRM to run their business processes.  Deep product inventories, or crazy specific parts needs, like for a manufacturer, necessitate a CRM that can integrate every tiny accessory you may have.  This can be where ordering processes bog down, with excessive time needed in non-automated environments to track inventory, make pricing decisions, and communicate with the customer.  A digital CX resolves those providing efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Customization Case Study: CSM Truck
For CSM Truck, they wanted an automated system to provide their truck dealerships with customized quotes to potential customers. The catch?  It needed to happen within seconds, while the customer was on the lot, with literally, any possible combination of parts.  Piece of cake. ASAR Digital delivered, with the power of SAP. We implemented an array of SAP solutions.  CSM is now able to provide prospects instant quotes, right on their truck lot, with a display that shows their Sales team what the profit margin will be, every step of the way. 

We surveyed thousands for the data above.  The message is clear, people want simpler customer experiences.  Online ordering and self-service are critical.  Fewer steps, more automations.  How do you get there, quickly, without crippling prices from a company like Salesforce?

Below, here’s a quick overview of some SAP solutions, and how they address 2022’s pain points we’ve just discussed. 

Be the hero in 2023

  • SAP Sales Cloud
    • Capture/Manage client and prospect data
    • Invest time/resources on deals with best ROI
    • 360° Customer View
  • SAP Service Cloud
    • Capture/Manage client and prospect data
    • Increase client satisfaction
    • Increase brand loyalty
    • 360° Customer View
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
    • Self-Service
    • Online Ordering
    • 360° Customer View

ASAR Digital is an SAP Gold Partner, and one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, per Inc. magazine.

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