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SAP Sales Cloud empowers and emboldens your Sales team to interact with customers more creatively throughout the purchase process.

SAP Sales Cloud


your sales organization with intuitive & effective sales training.


connected sales experiences that accelerate the buying process & turn customers into advocates.


customers through connected, customer-centric processes that improve experiences & maximize sales.


your sales organization to engage with customers, build relationships, & win business.

Sales Cloud Success Stories

Toyota successfully utilizes Sales Cloud to automate the process of awarding commissions, and stay on track with changing regulatory requirements in the automotive industry. Toyota replaced on-premise SAP systems across a multitude of regional dealerships with a single, integrated cloud. Nationally recognized retailer Sephora’s beauty brand is growing fast! To handle a huge influx of new hires to their sales teams, Sephora implemented Sales Cloud to digitize their hiring processes and get their team members onboarded swiftly and easily.
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