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What is CX Content?

In the year of 2021, everyone is a Content Producer to some extent. Indeed, if you’ve ever used a meme generator to slap an Impact font phrase over an image, or put together a TikTok video, you’ve done the work of Content Production. But content is much more than just personal expression. You can think of Content as the language spoken on the internet. Or, as NFTs have shown us, even as a form of currency that’s exchanged in the digital space. 

So where does the CX come into play? At ASAR Digital, Customer Experience (CX) is our forte. CX Content focuses on the customer. Content like memes or comic strips might be about getting a point of view across. Conversely, CX content caters to the customer, considering their needs. But make no mistake, CX content, like any good content, should have a point of view, and be able to get a message across. 

This article will give a brief overview of three forms of CX Content. User Interface Design, Personalized Content, and Informative Content

User Interface Design

A User Interface is the designed space upon which humans and machines interact with one-another. Interactive, designed elements of a program, portal, or screen combine to create what we call UI (User Interface). This type of content considers how a user will navigate the screen, with design that guides proper and efficient use. A smooth interface with pleasant interactive elements is critical to providing a top-notch customer experience. So it’s necessary that the UI/UX designer does careful research on the user base. In order to provide them with a color scheme, layout, and interactive elements that will suit their tastes. This is customer-centered content. Because the designer is aggregating the point of view of the users, and feeding it back to them as a designed product, rather than expressing her own point of view. 

Personalized Content

WebFX reports that in 2020, 61% of users expressed preferences for companies that create custom content. Different types of brands are going to want different types of personalization, accordingly. Tailored experiences might not be enough to make savvier customers feel personally seen,  nonetheless, such experiences speak to the strength and accuracy of your enterprise’s data. To draw this out, a customer might not be very excited or impressed with a free personalized drink offer from their favorite coffee app. But this offer instills confidence in the customer that the app is noting her preferences and learning her use-habits. With software like SAP Marketing Cloud, you can offer personalized promotional information and ads to the appropriate audiences. Giving customers access to the specific deals and offers that will excite them.  

Informative Content

Look no further if you’re curious about what Informative Content is. Here you are, having read through an entire article of the very thing! As ASAR we recognize that in 2021, companies should be contributing to the information economy. Not only as an offering to the general public and others in their field, but to share best practices, and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. As was covered by our marketing manager, customers do their research in 2021, so they’re hungry for information, and for experiences that allow them to learn more about their next purchase or endeavor.

Comment below and let us know what types of content resonate with you as a consumer, and which types annoy or irritate you. #teamasar is open to the discussion!

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