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What are the Key Features of SAP Sales Cloud?

There are many key features of SAP Sales Cloud, including but not limited to account, lead, and opportunity management.  Let’s take a high level look at some of the benefits of this key functionality.

Key Features

SAP Sales Cloud provides sales representatives with a 360-degree view of the customer and key contacts.  This means a sales rep can simply open an account in Sales Cloud and easily view all contacts associated with that account and what their function is (for example main contact, marketing manager, etc).

Additionally, there is a feed available in the account that enables sales reps to see a complete transaction history. Sales reps can make easy reference to all activities performed on any given account when they use this feature.

The Buying Center provides an easy to read graphical view of the key influencers and decision makers.  It provides sales reps with a clear visual representation of who they are talking to, where they fit in the company hierarchy, and who else they may still need to talk to in order to complete the sale.

Google maps integration comes standard with SAP Sales Cloud. This makes the visiting process much simpler and more streamlined. The map view in visit planner shows the geographical location of each address of the displayed account.  Sales reps can also use this to search for other accounts and customers nearby or within a defined map area, allowing them to efficiently maximize their time on visits.

Creation and Tracking

You can use SAP Sales Cloud to create leads in multiple ways. Manually; using the quick create icon. Or directly; from an existing account. Relevant information from the account (such as address) automatically fills in.  Import in batches from a Microsoft Excel file, or scan a business card with your mobile device. You can copy existing leads to create profiles for new leads; saving time and energy.

Easily track where a customer is in the sales pipeline. 5 pre-delivered lead statuses offer this info: open, qualified, accepted, declined, and converted.  These statuses come standard with an SAP Sales Cloud implementation , and are customizable to fit business needs.

Tracking the lead source easily shows what marketing techniques are the most successful (for example telephone call, email campaign, etc).  This field also comes standard with pre-delivered values but can be customized as needed.

Multiple lead scoring tools are offered with the Sales Cloud solution: survey scores (such as a qualification questionnaire to help sales reps better understand their leads), engagement scores (in which point values can be assigned to actions that are triggered out of marketing campaigns), and lead scores (machine learning which uses historical sales data to predict the likelihood of conversion).  With intelligent lead scoring and routing, it is possible to ensure the best leads are going to the right sales reps.  This increases the likeliness of converting more leads into profitable opportunities.

Sales Team Benefits

SAP Sales Cloud allows you to define your own sales cycle and assign different sales phases based on what works best for your business.  Sales cycles can vary based on what is being sold and to who, so you also have the flexibility to define different sales cycles and phases based on different opportunity types.

With each sales phase completed, the likelihood of winning the deal increases.  With this in mind, an opportunity has a probability field in it that automatically updates with that percentage value to easily show the likelihood of winning the deal based on the current sales phase.

The activity advisor in an opportunity is a sales assistant that incorporates best practice sales methodologies to establish a structured sales cycle.  It proposes a list of activities that you complete during each sales phase to increase the odds of success.  This tool comes standard with SAP recommended best practices. It’s also customizable, to fit your business model.

With the use of machine learning, sales reps are also able to see opportunity scoring.  Similar to lead scoring, opportunity scoring uses historical data to predict the likeliness of closing the deal.

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