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What is SAP Customer Data Cloud?

SAP Customer Data Cloud is a customer data management solution within the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. By providing customers with transparency and control over the use of their personal data, this solution helps businesses nurture relationships with their customers. Thus, SAP Customer Data Cloud allows businesses to offer seamless engagements, build trust, and deliver personalized digital experiences to businesses, partners, and customers. 

Why do we need SAP Customer Data Cloud?

Trust is a large factor in today’s digital economy. Therefore, consumers are demanding more transparency and control over how their data is used. So governments are placing greater restrictions and regulations around how businesses collect and process personal data. For example; EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD). In other words, businesses need to respect consumer privacy and reestablish their trust in their data practices.

If customers have control over their data and know what personal data is being used, then they’re more likely to allow that data to be used for delivering personalized content and services. So building trust with customers will enhance their customer experience.

SAP Customer Data Cloud Solutions

SAP Customer Data Cloud consists of three solutions which include Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C (CIAM for B2C), Customer Identity and Access Management for B2B (CIAM for B2B), and Enterprise Consent and Preference Management (ECPM).

On the whole, I’ll discuss each solution and describe their key features.

Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C (CIAM for B2C)

Even more, CIAM for B2C allows businesses to connect and engage with their website and app users. Consequently, this solution helps gather and securely store information about customers. The data can then be leveraged for an enhanced customer experience.

Key Features

  • Frictionless Registration
    • Provides friendly registration screens which require minimal input
    • Offers logins through social networks
    • Predefined flows to ensure registration completion for website visitors
  • Global Access
    • Customers experience consistent branding between different localized sites and apps
    • Offers users a Single Sign-On across brand sites in a unified user base
  • Flexible Implementation
    • Choose Screen-Sets or build your own flows, so as to leverage the API-first approach
  • Built-In Security
    • Protects you and your users’ data and privacy
  • Variety of Extensibility Options
    • Capture login events, send Webhooks to downstream applications, apply custom validations and data enrichment

Customer Identity and Access Management for B2B (CIAM for B2B)

Overall, CIAM for B2B allows businesses to build trust and manage the transparent relationship with their business partners. So this solution uses authorization, authentication, and identity management to provide a clear view of your partners, their members, and your relationships.

Key Features

  • Partner Onboarding
    • Onboard partners to all digital properties through a governance process that will enable the business to be in compliance across all connected applications
  • Partner Lifecycle Management
    • End-to-end partner lifecycle management allows IT teams to focus on improvement and opportunity rather than maintenance
  • Centralized Policy Based Access Control
    • Governance process to secure applications and resources and help prevent data leaks and unauthorized access across the entire digital ecosystem
  • Self-Service Delegation
    • Provides self-service delegation of the partner organization and partner user management with identity, profile, and preference management

Further, ECPM is a solution that addresses regional privacy compliance throughout the customer lifecycle. Therefore this solution allows businesses to manage customer consent, preference settings, and data from a central platform to address regulatory requirements and enforce customer’s privacy settings across touch points.

Key Features

  • Centralized Consent and Preference Repository
    • Stores time- and date-stamped consent data in an audit-ready, centralized, and searchable repository in the right region
  • Automatic Version Control
    • Changes to terms and policies automatically trigger requests to renew consent
  • Self-Service Preference Centers
    • Empowers customers to manage their own experiences through customizable, self-service preference centers
  • Support for Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD
    • Records transactions in the audit-ready vault located in the regulation-specified data center to support compliance
  • Streamline Data Management
    • Ensures that consent and preferences are consistently enforced throughout the customer lifecycle and across every application, channel, brand, and region

Finally, organizations need to identify and engage consumers across channels and respect their privacy to successfully connect with their customers. SAP Customer Data Cloud uses data-driven insights to understand, engage, and deliver brand promises to customers. So this solution addresses consumer privacy laws by capturing, managing, and synchronizing preferences and consent in accordance to regulations. To summarize, SAP Customer Data Cloud helps organizations increase customer retention by providing a transparent, flexible, and secure digital experience. 

If you have any questions or need assistance implementing SAP Customer Data Cloud, please reach out to team ASAR!

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