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What is Customer Experience?

What exactly is customer experience? In plain and simple terms, Customer Experience is how you make your customers FEEL at the point of their interaction with your brand and your product. Customer’s interaction with your brand could be online when they come to your store front, when they read an email from you, or in person talking to your sales or service reps, and of course when they use your product or service. At the point of that interaction; how you are making your customers feel defines your customer’s experience. Feeling is key here, because that emotional connection will determine whether the experience is memorable or not. 


For every interaction with your brand, your customer arrives with an intention or an expectation. For instance, they call your customer service agent expecting a quick resolution to their query. When they use your product, it must deliver its perceived value, meaning it has to meet the expectations you’ve set through your branding and advertising. When they go to your storefront, they’re expecting your web pages to load almost instantaneously. They should be able to quickly find a product, add to the cart, and checkout. 

Every customer interaction has inherent customer expectations. When you meet or exceed their expectations – you have a happy, enthusiastic, and loyal customer. However, anytime you fall short of any of their expectations – you have a disgruntled, unhappy customer, or perhaps lose that customer. Customer’s Expectations are constantly changing with shifting influences. Nowadays, Amazon sets customers’ online buying expectations. Customers expect an Amazon-like buying experience in their B2B as well as B2C shopping experience. They expect uber and doordash-like visibility from their service providers.

In Totality

Customer Experience is simply a sum total of customer interaction, expectations, and the feeling your brand evokes for your customers. To deliver an engaging experience to your customers at every touch point, across all channels, all the time, it’s critical to understand your customers and their journeys. In the next video, we will talk about Customer journey, and how you can leverage SAP Customer Experience solutions to reimagine your customer experience.

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Check back next week for our article on Customer Journey.

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