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What are Customer Experience Building Blocks?

What are Customer Experience Building Blocks?

In our previous article, we discussed Customer Experience. We’ll build on that concept by explaining the building blocks of Customer Experience. The scope of customer experience spans across various touch points in the customer journey. You have different customer personas, and each customer persona will have their own unique customer journey. You need to define a customer journey map for each customer persona. The above graphic by Prof Sawney from Kellogg Northwestern University is a useful guide map. As you can see, a customer goes through a journey from the Discovery phase, then Learning, and Evaluating, before they decide to Buy. Post-purchase, they Engage with your brand, talk to their friends and families about their experience. They share their thoughts on social media, to the extent that they become an Advocate of your brand. 

So what exactly is happening throughout this journey? At each step, customers have an intent and they take actions to satisfy their intentions at that point in time. In the discovery stage they are doing research; searching online for a solution they are seeking to solve their problem. As a result of that research, then they learn about different solutions and options. Then they compare those options to determine what product or service to buy. After making the purchase, as they start using the product, they share their experience. If they are extremely happy they will advocate your product and brand to their friends and families. On the contrary, if they are not happy with your product or service, they will share their bad experience. And they’ll do so through various channels.

Customer Experience Solution Maps

To build your customer experience solution map, you must understand who your customers are. What are their unique customer personas, and what customer journey they take. And then you can define your organizational actions to create and distribute contents that match with customers’ intent. With your actions, you nurture your customers through Reach to Acquire to Convert. To Develop to Retain and finally to Bond. The 3 key components of Customer Experience  journey are Demand Generation, Sales Enablement and Customer Service as shown in this image.

All the Customer experience solutions are designed to help you across these three categories. Marketing Cloud helps you with demand generation. Through marketing cloud, you understand your customers better. You create and distribute contents to match customers’ intent, to nurture them through the initial journey. Using SAP Commerce Cloud and Sales Cloud, you convert your prospects to customers. You convert their buying intention to actual purchase. With Service Cloud, you provide great service, to retain your customers and increase their loyalty towards your brand. You can see in the image below how various SAP CX components help you in re-imagining your customer experience. Such as Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Hope this information was useful to you, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments. Thank you and look forward to our next article! 

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