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The Benefits of Implementing SAP Sales Cloud

What is SAP Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is just one solution available as part of the SAP C/4 HANA suite.  It combines the sales capabilities of the solution previously known as SAP Cloud for Customer and the sales solutions of CallidusCloud to form the most comprehensive sales engagement offering in the industry.  Here is just a small taste of the benefits to implementing this solution.

Why Choose SAP Sales Cloud?

Firstly, it has a simple, easy-to-use user interface.  It features such capabilities as lead management, opportunity management, account management, and much more.  It also comes with embedded machine-learning features powered by SAP Leonardo. Which I cover in more detail below.  With intelligent lead scoring and routing, the best leads go to the right sales representatives. Therefore enabling them to convert more opportunities into profitable business.  SAP Sales Cloud also seamlessly integrates into ERP and S/4 HANA, allowing for accurate real-time inventory and pricing detail.  No other solution on the market has this capability!

Did You Say Machine Learning?

Yes, there are machine learning features embedded in the SAP Sales Cloud solution.  This means actionable insights are automatically provided to sales executives, which helps them with data analysis and therefore helps them identify the best deals to pursue.  With machine learning, the application of intelligent scoring shows us which accounts have the greatest opportunity and likeliness to buy.  It also allows sales reps to see the opportunity scoring, which indicates the likelihood of converting the opportunity based on historical data.

But What Kind of Flexibility Is There?

SAP Sales Cloud provides a consistent experience whether on laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  It is available on mobile devices with app support for both IOS and Android.  The user interface will look the same across all devices as well, keeping them all in perfect harmony.  Offline mode is also supported, allowing sales reps to engage with customers even when there is no network signal available.  Groupware integration with MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Gmail helps sales reps to be productive and continue to use familiar tools.

For more information on SAP Sales Cloud, please visit here. Ready to learn more about how it can benefit your business?  Our team of experienced consultants at ASAR America are eager to share their knowledge and help you get started.Reach out to us!

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