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SAP Commerce Cloud Monitoring with Dynatrace

Today we’ll be discussing how the application Dynatrace assists Commerce Cloud in tracking your customer activities, and solving issues!

Cloud APM

Cloud application performance management also called cloud APM is the process of monitoring resources that supports software application performance in different cloud variations. Be it, private cloud public cloud or hybrid cloud environments, the goal is to monitor the performance metrics like infrastructure, application, digital experience and ultimately assists in driving performance results, taking actions to resolve issues and maintain optimal performance. 

With every subscription of Commerce Cloud, SAP has also embedded an exceptional Cloud AI powered APM tool called Dynatrace. So it gives you access to analysis and optimization tools for the performance of your Commerce storefront. It deploys metrics across all nodes in your SAP Commerce Cloud services; JVM, OS and database. There are standard dashboards available for Performance and Load monitoring. It can also be enhanced for individual use cases.

So, how can Dynatrace help me in my day-to-day commerce operations?

It can help you troubleshoot the root cause for issues like:

  • Database load monitoring
  • Slow performance of Storefront
  • Specific pages not loading on Storefront
  • Response time degradation
  • CPU Saturation

A few directed scenarios for which Dynatrace can provide details to analyze, monitor and fine tune are:

  • Memory usage & Garbage collection times
  • JVM statistics
  • CPU Consumption
  • Caches (Query, Entity, API nodes caching)
  • Analyzing transactions in Backoffice
  • Top Time-consuming database queries
  • Top used Queries – good candidate for fine tuning

Dynatrace uses millions of dependency attributes to identify the root cause. So you can replay an issue through time scale in Dynatrace and through Problem evolution check what happened, why it happened, where did the issue occur and what you can do to fix it. Through Problem evolution you can identify root cause and set alerts for such known issues and be aware of the issue as soon as it occurs next time.

If an issue is being faced by a specific user, you can identify the root cause by providing the user-id and the system can display the entire user experience, by displaying all the session history along with the device used, location, Operating system, every click and every swipe. So you can perform a full waterfall analysis. The same analysis can be done on just a single click action as well.

So, what is that you get from Dynatrace in comparison to other Applications

Dynatrace All-in-One system for Realtime Insights 

The dashboard tiles allow you to get a real-time overview of your commerce site. You can see what your end users are doing and which services are in high demand, you will also be able to connect that information to performance of all backend services.

AI Based User Analysis

At a point in time you can see exactly how many users are using your site. Using AI you get deep insights into how end users are using your site and where performance improvements should be made.

Analyze Individual User Actions

Deep waterfall analysis of individual user sessions allows you to diagnose frontend problems and performance impacts. So you can get a clear view of what happened, down to the single resource request.

Customized Analytics Queries

You can create your own dashboards and charts as well as customize user analytics queries for your use case and needs.

In summation, Dynatrace and its pairing with Commerce Cloud gives you a full and clear picture of your commerce and customer activity, so you can anticipate customer needs, and solve customer issues quickly.

Thank you for your readership. We hope this article took the mystery out of this backend monitoring process. If so, imagine the further clarity you’d achieve by implementing these softwares! Reach out to #teamASAR today for a consult, and as always, feel free to leave any questions or feedback below!

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