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Can I Create a Ticket Directly from an Email?

With integrated software, indeed, an email easily becomes a ticket! Creating tickets directly from the contents of an email is a popular feature in the quickly changing realm of CRM. This introductory post offers a brief intro tutorial, giving you a perspective from both the customer’s and the consultant’s viewpoint. Let’s take a look!

The Customer

The customer receives a broken product, and composes an email to the company to request a replacement.

The Consultant

From their Service Tab, the consultant has a view of open tickets as they come into their inbox, marked with each ticket’s level of urgency. By refreshing this dashboard, the email composed by the customer lands in this ticket manager.

Here is the consultant receiving and opening the email, wherein a customer is requesting a replacement product. As you can see, this email is already displaying as an open ticket from their end,

Next, the consultant can view and navigate the open ticket while having a clear, verbatim view of what the customer is expressing in the body of the email.

It’s as easy as that! The backend does the work of creating an open ticket from the customer’s email, so that the consultant does not have to waste any time on this step.

With Cloud for Customer (C4C), an offering of SAP Sales Cloud, you too can have this ease of workflow. Contact us for more information about how to implement SAP Sales Cloud into your organization.

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