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How Does Quoting On Opportunities Work in Sales Cloud?

Quoting on Opportunities: SAP Sales Cloud and CPQ

SAP CPQ-Sales Cloud Integration

For those looking to simplify their quoting process, an SAP Sales Cloud-CPQ integration is often the first step in their research. Many companies start out with SAP Sales Cloud using the systems native quoting capabilities. Gradually as their sales needs become more demanding and complex we see these companies graduate their quoting process to CPQ, also known as Configure, Price, Quote. Conveniently, there is a standard integration between the two systems that provides a seamless experience for Sales Reps. For many companies who used their CRM’s quoting functionality, there often is a bit of hesitation when it comes to integrating another system with the same goal—quoting. Put any hesitation to rest with seamless integration of SAP Sales Cloud and CPQ. As Sales Reps have the capability to quote directly from an Opportunity. 

Quoting on Opportunities 

With the foundation of a Sales Cloud – CPQ integration established, Sales Reps are able to maintain the same quoting process while adding the impressive benefits of CPQ quoting. Most importantly, Sales Reps maintain their ability to quote directly against an Opportunity in SAP Sales Cloud. The Sales Rep creates their Opportunity and quote in the same breath. Regardless of the opportunity being created against an existing account or a prospect. Conveniently located on the Opportunity object, the launch quote action is just a click away. When onboarded to CPQ, Sales Reps can complete the rest of their quoting process without having to open up the application separately. Even more, saving the quotation on CPQ standard fields updates back to the opportunity – for full transparency and convenience. 

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