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What is SAP Integration Suite?

What is SAP Integration Suite?

SAP Integration suite is SAP’s hybrid integration platform that helps integrate on-premise, cloud and private cloud systems which typically includes SAP and other third party systems. It helps achieve end to end process excellence across both SAP and non SAP applications for a smooth customer experience. 

As per SAP systems, 70% of their integrations are to non SAP systems.

The key capabilities include AI based integration, cloud integration, API management, open connectors to name a few.

Why choose SAP integration suite?

  1. Covers all integration styles like B2B, B2C, A2A etc APIs and other digital platforms.
  2. Able to integrate with multiple integrations with more than 170 open connectors.
  3. Security is the key focus. Some of the measures adopted are content encryption, single sign-on, secure on-premise connectivity etc.
  4. Enhanced digital experience for customers, partners, employees.
  5. 2000+out of the box integration packages.
  6. Pay per use pricing provides flexibility and is fully vendor managed.

SAP Commerce and SAP Integration Suite

SAP Commerce is capable of integrating with any system. It is not just limited to out of the box applications. SAP Commerce has 2 main layers- the Integration API layer and the Omni Commerce Connect layer. The integration API uses and extends the RESTful APIs. The protocol for creating the latter is called OData.

These OData Services are used by the SAP Integration Suite to directly import or export data from SAP Commerce Cloud. Another example of usage is to update an external system with stock, price etc.

Data integrations with SAP Integration suite seems to be the path forward for a wholesome SAP Customer experience. SAP integration suite uses SAP integration APIs to connect to SAP and non SAP systems. For the integration to function, both the inbound and outbound services should be present. An integration flow might be available in SAP integration suite, but one might have to wait for the release of the respective inbound and outbound services to be available at SAP Commerce end. 

Thank you for reading. Reach out to team ASAR with any questions about SAP Integration Suite. We’re happy to answer questions and connect!

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