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What is SAP Field Service Management (FSM)?

SAP Field Service Management or SAP FSM, is a dynamic software solution. Companies use FSM to manage their resources and track field service operations. At its core, FSM is a robust one-stop-shop tool. So it handles scheduling and dispatching, analytics and reporting, intelligent self-service, work order management, mobile application and knowledge management.

Lets break down each of these core functions for SAP FSM: 

  • Scheduling and dispatching: this tool is optimal for employees in real-time environments. So it allows them to match technician skills to job requirements, use current locations to reduce field technician travel time, and prioritize service calls. Intuitively, the software reminds the scheduler of job required equipment and/or tools and communicates these requirements to the field technician.
  • Analytics and Reporting: produces real-time field service metrics to keep track of KPI’s (key performance indicator). Additionally using SLAs (service level agreements). The software reduces the work of field technicians by automatically uploading invoice reports. It provides the option to send invoices to customers from the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. 
  • Intelligent Self-Service: customer self-service allows customers to make appointment requests, view equipment records, and receive service related communication updates 24/7. On the backend, intelligent self-service allows its administrator to completely brand their platform and create unique QR codes. 
  • Work Order Management: allows users to access important SLA information. Such as warranties, contracts and materials (reserve, track, locate, & price) for specific jobs. 
  • Mobile Application: with online and offline access options, the mobile application can provide technicians with checklists, workforce safety documentation, parts availability, job history and location mapping. 
  • Finally, Knowledge Management: through the use of smartforms and information sharing, the knowledge management function works as a bridge between the ERP system and FSM. You can customize smartforms based on industry or business specific needs to instruct, guide, and provide important customer and/or product related information to technicians. 

Brand Differentiation

So what does that mean for your business? Put simply, SAP FSM is a brand differentiator. Customer experiences build the reputation of a service company. So through the power of SAP FSM, businesses are able to streamline their processes. Therefore achieving enhanced efficiency and productivity, improving decision-making, and optimizing route planning. As a result, businesses realize drastic cost reductions and most importantly–unparalleled customer experiences. SAP FSM provides its customers the opportunity to differentiate themselves based on excellent field service experience. 

Interested in learning more about how SAP FSM can transform your business? Please contact the ASAR team. Additional SAP FSM resources are on our website, as well as the official SAP website. 

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