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5 SAP FSM FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is SAP FSM? 

One of the first SAP FSM FAQ, is always: what is SAP FSM? SAP Field Service Management software provides robust resource management tools for field service technicians, customers, and stakeholders. Additionally, this SAP solution is built to deliver exceptional customer experience through its intelligent self-service platform, while providing technicians the agile support they need to effectively and efficiently complete a service call. SAP FSM facilitates service operations in the order-to-cash process. Also, SAP FSM facilitates customer service requests, order placement, real-time service planning & dispatching, and field service technician on-the-job support through checklists, job materials, and job-specific reference documents. 

For a more in-depth explanation on SAP FSM please visit the following ASAR America blog post: What is SAP FSM?

2. What industries use FSM software?

SAP FSM is by no means limited to one specific industry–in fact currently its implementation spans many diverse industries (please refer to the list below). So eligibility for SAP FSM implementation truly depends on the nature of the business it will support. So if we examine the wide range of businesses who utilize SAP FSM, we discover a common element across all industries. That is, unanimously SAP FSM is being used to support field service operations. Take the HVAC industry for example; companies who operate in this industry provide installations, repairs, inspections, etc. to residential and commercial customers. The HVAC business operations need field service technicians to complete the customer service call, therefore qualifying the HVAC industry as a perfect candidate for SAP FSM solutions. In the next section, we will examine another SAP FSM FAQ that benefits any company interested in using the software solution.

Insurance companiesConstruction
Equipment rental shopsEquipment distributors
HVACHealth Care/Medical Device
Industrial EquipmentServicing
Energy & UtilitiesManufacturing
Professional ServicesTransportation & Logistics
*this is not an all-inclusive list

3. How can SAP FSM improve the customer experience?

As a major component of the SAP CX (customer experience) software suite, SAP FSM is the piece that primarily impacts customers most directly. Customers expect skilled technicians to arrive prepared with appropriate job-specific equipment, tools and materials. So with SAP FSM, the technicians skills, materials, equipment, and tools can be accurately matched and scheduled using the most effective combination of available resources. Technicians have offline and online options to access the Field Service Mobile Application, allowing them to successfully complete a service call, despite possible poor job conditions. Accordingly, the mobile application provides technicians with customer history, process checklists, and parts availability. Therefore, technicians have everything they need specific to each unique service call within the Field Service Mobile Application. To conclude, the service call is one of the many ways companies can improve their customer experience with SAP FSM.

For more information on other ways SAP FSM can positively impact the customer experience, please visit the official SAP website

4. How can I see a software demonstration?

It’s easy! As an SAP Gold Partner, ASAR America is a licensed distributor and implementation partner for SAP and is therefore able to provide a comprehensive demo presentation. Therefore, the goal of  every demo is to provide the interested party an end-to-end look at the SAP FSM solution. So ASAR America will highlight how SAP FSM will benefit the customers specific business needs and/or challenges. Scheduling a demo is one of the first steps in choosing the right SAP solution. So if you are interested in scheduling a demo please connect with the ASAR team at: ASAR America Inc. Website

5. Will the out-of-the-box SAP FSM Solution limit my implementation results?

The short answer is absolutely not. Because of SAP FSM’s brilliant industry inclusive design, allowing for a configurable one-size-fits all approach. Thus, the terms configuration and customization are often responsible for confusion linked to SAP solutions implementation. Firstly, configuration is defined by the use of standard features, which includes design, to successfully map a business process. Conversely, customization occurs when items which are not part of the standard features are added. In other words, any feature you added to SAP FSM that is not already a standard feature would qualify as customization. So importantly, customization is always an option that can be explored if there is a unique business need. Configuration options are abundant with SAP FSM, and because of this customers often choose to use the standard configuration without any additional customization.

Thank you for reading this ASAR America Inc. blog post on SAP FSM FAQ! Still unsure if an SAP FSM solution is right for your business? Reach out to one of our SAP CX Solution Engineers.

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