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What is Dynamic Customer Profiling and How Can It Help With Digital Marketing?

Challenges of Digital Marketing

Organizations face challenges such as attribution across digital channels, single view of customers, and legal compliance. Marketers are competing for customer attention. With a customer-first mindset, businesses can ensure that they take care of the customer’s needs, questions, and concerns. In today’s digital world, nothing is static. Customers use social media, online research, and they compare different products and services. All of these influence them greatly. Having a Dynamic Customer Profile that is updated in real-time allows marketers to understand the customer’s intentions and behaviors.

Dynamic Customer Profiling

Dynamic Customer Profiling is a key feature in SAP Marketing Cloud. So this feature allows you to create a 360-degree-view of a customer across various channels to provide valuable insights into the customer’s intentions and behaviors. Dynamic, real-time data can be used to engage customers and provide a personalized, in-the-moment campaign experience.


  • Enriches customer profiles through system matching, merging, and consolidating data to provide a 360-degree-view of the customer
  • Provides a holistic view of the customer base to include known and unknown customers
  • Collects structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources (e.g., first party data regarding purchases, loyalty data, events, social media activity, or clickstream)
  • Natural language processing derives interests and contexts from collected data
  • Helps businesses adhere to data privacy regulations in the European Union

Key Capabilities

  • Discovery and visualization tools
    • Discovers hidden trends and insights into customer behaviors and patterns
    • Recognizes what triggers customer activities in various customer journeys
    • Defines best audiences for effective marketing engagements (e.g., creating target groups by region, industry, age, interests, etc.)
  • Omnichannel marketing
    • Collects data from various channels including mobile, web, commerce, social media, etc. (e.g., customer interests and browsing data)
    • Addresses customers holistically and consistently across all channels
  • Predictive capability
    • Calculates predictive scores based on predictive models (e.g., consumer buying propensity)
    • Calculates heuristic scores from manually defined scoring rules (e.g., best email sending time)
  • Customer interaction scores
    • Ranks and classifies customers to specific needs and purposes based on condensed behavioral data (e.g., total purchases in the past or frequency of customer’s web shop visits)

So How Does Dynamic Customer Profiling Help with Digital Marketing?

The two main challenges of digital marketing include having a customer-first mindset and having dynamic data for the customer journey. As a marketer, you want to create and send campaigns to the correct audience through the right channels. With Dynamic Customer Profiling, customer interests, browsing favorites, purchase history, and any interaction data are captured from multiple channels. You can see what specific data is captured and where it comes from (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, commerce, email).

Dynamic Customer Profiling also allows you to filter and set parameters to see the different touchpoints of the customer journey. So it captures the customer journey from viewing the product to product purchase or an abandoned shopping cart. This allows you to focus on the channels with the greatest impact and follow-up with those customers who may have abandoned their shopping cart. Dynamic Customer Profiling gives you a clear understanding of your customers and keeps them engaged.

By identifying, capturing, and enriching customer profiles across multiple channels, organizations are able to better understand the customer’s intents and anticipate their behavior. Discovery and visualization tools, omnichannel marketing, predictive capability, and customer interaction scores provide dynamic, real-time data for marketers to create personalized, in-the-moment campaigns.

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