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How Does OpenText Work With SAP Commerce Cloud?

OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions can serve as a single point of management for all digital media files and their underlying information for SAP Commerce Cloud. So OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Commerce Cloud extends the value of digital assets by enabling users to re-use and re-purpose media assets across many enterprise workflows without the cost of manual re-creation or re-packaging. In addition, OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Commerce Cloud’s built-in workflow capabilities save time by simplifying the management, tracking, and contributions to projects across the organization.

Key Advantages :

1:  Image assignment automated/batch processing through SAP Commerce Cron jobs.

This cronjob searches in defined time intervals for unassigned OTMM assets. Once found, new assets will be assigned automatically. The job parameters specify the used SAP Commerce catalog and the catalog version.

2:  Seamless integration to SAP SAP Commerce Product Cockpit, SAPSAP Commerce Web Content   Management and back office user interface.

3:  Automatic media conversion occurs using components that can be distributed for optimum performance

4: Deliver large amounts of assets based on a folder or saved search.

5: Security and permissions flow through applications, and the media lifecycle is fully incorporated so that once assets are updated or deleted in DAM, the subsequent lifecycle of events is automatically consistent in SAP SAP Commerce.

6: Finally, structure your delivery by retaining folder hierarchies from OpenText Media Management

Below are the Steps to integrate with SAP Commerce :

Firstly, you have to get the OpenText

1:  Unzip the Suite into the SAP Commerce Suite installation directory.

2:  Configure the open text extensions in your localextension.xml file.

3: Open your there you find all the configuration keys with default configuration settings. Override these configuration values in 

4: Add the required properties related to item in your local. properties file. 

5: Build the code and start SAP Commerce Server.

6: After the Server starts run the update after selecting all OTMM-related extensions

 7: Lastly, after a Successful update, we can see the below options in the office 

We have to configure Asset delivery and Assignment specs.

Asset delivery

The asset delivery defines how assets are transferred to SAP Commerce. So this includes the dimensions of graphics, the file format of graphics, and the method of transfer. 

Assignment spec

Furthermore, an assignment spec assigns one or more asset deliveries to a SAP Commerce type and its attributes. So as an example, the attribute could be gallery images and the type of the product.

1: Create a new asset delivery and select the asset delivery type from the list.  

2: The properties of the new asset delivery are on the Common tab. 

3: Finally, select all and click send the configuration to Media Delivery Service to save the settings in the configuration file

For more information on OpenText please visit OpenText Website

Lastly, we appreciate your readership! As always, if you need help integrating OpenText with SAP Commerce, please contact us

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