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Trend Report – The State Of Manufacturing: Digital CX

5 Digital Customer Experience Trends B2B Manufacturers Should Adopt in 2023

In the manufacturing industry, key customer interaction processes are undergoing paradigm-like shifts. These shifts should not be ignored by B2B manufacturers. And, in ASAR Digital’s latest report, we demonstrate why production businesses need to jump on a new, customer-centric digital CX bandwagon in order to keep up. The above-mentioned report is called “The State of Manufacturing: Digital CX”  and reveals how the rapid rise of digital CX technologies and growing consumer demand for instantaneous access to products and services, suggest B2B business owners must carve new digital CX experiences to survive. For instance, Kodak, a globally-renowned manufacturer with over one hundred years of innovation and experience, recently underwent a CX digital transformation, partnering with SAP and ASAR Digital. The transformation has allowed them to address and resolve several CX issues and production bottlenecks while adopting a consumer-first digital experience. Kodak’s new approach to digital CX, supported by award-winning SAP products, is ensuring they continue to be a dominant player in the printing industry.

“The SAP Commerce Cloud solution helps us meet the demands of our current customers while, at the same time, making it possible for us to expand into entirely new markets.”

~Jim Continenza, CEO

Eastman Kodak Company

This highlight is just one of many key takeaways in ASAR Digital’s report that can help manufacturing businesses excel in the digital age. In this article, we’ll discuss the report’s key findings and the potential impacts this information can have on manufacturing businesses. Throughout the article, you’ll learn how this trend report’s data can be used to further current digital CX strategies.

5 Emerging Trends from The State of Manufacturing and Digital CX

Trend Number One: A Slick Digital Customer Experience is Essential

How businesses approach the way they handle new and existing purchases has changed dramatically in recent years. More and more buyers want access to product research resources and purchasing processes that meet their needs and schedule. They want greater online research and transaction options rather than needing to contact a sales representative directly.

Is Your B2B Buying Journey Too Complex?

However, B2B businesses are not keeping pace with evolving purchasing behaviors. Recent research shows that 77% of B2B buyers state that their last purchase was overly complex or difficult. In 2023, manufacturers looking to move ahead of their competition should consider commerce solutions designed to ease complex processes and also put energy into constructing a robust and attractive digital customer experience.  For instance, SAP Commerce Cloud enables manufacturing customers to have engaging experiences and have access to usable e-commerce venues. Learn more about SAP Commerce Cloud here.

Trend Number Two: Acquire 360-Degree Views of Your Customer

Digital CX is not without its challenges. One common challenge is finding a system that can provide a clear, nearly telescopic view of a company’s customers and those customer’s behaviors. In fact, at the time of our report, 49% of C-Suite executives stated that their current CX setup does not provide them with a 360-degree view of their customers. If you can relate to that 49%, are you concerned about the quality of data being used for making decisions?

Can you Trust Your Data?

If your digital systems are leading you to make strategic decisions with inaccurate or poorly populated numbers, there’s a good probability you don’t know your customers’ needs or what types of digital experiences they’ll respond to best. In the coming years, manufacturers will increasingly need to adopt digital platforms and SaaS programs to understand their customers’ needs and preferences and have the visibility necessary to pivot production processes to meet those needs efficiently. Plus, consider this: If 49% of manufacturing companies are working with poor data, then 51% are likely working with full-bodied data that helps them more easily keep their clients happy and manufacturing processes on-point. To get your team on the right side of this CX trend, consider a free SAP Customer Data Platform demo from ASAR Digital.

Number Three: Customer Self-Service Is Increasingly Important

Customers today expect self-service options from their suppliers and service providers. This concept is not new – in 2013, 67% of customers preferred self-service options over speaking with an agent. But, in 2022, the expectation for businesses to offer self-service features in the B2B industry is rising.

Manufacturing Customers Want Digital Self-Service Options

This presents a unique opportunity for manufacturing companies. Presently, the majority of manufacturers do not offer frictionless self-service options in their digital CX experience. According to our research, just 16% of manufacturers describe their commerce platform customer self-service features as “effective.” Developing effective and engaging self-services that customers appreciate will effectively build brand trust and increase customer loyalty. Additionally, self-service features enable you to collect accurate data about your customer’s buying journey. SAP Service Cloud can help you develop meaningful self-service features as part of your digital CX transformation and integrate easily with your existing ERP for a clearer understanding of every side of your business.

Number Four: Incorporate Emerging Technologies

Improving efficiency and lowering costs while keeping the customer happy is the eternal quest for CEOs and business leaders. New technologies are emerging that can help manufacturers better achieve this aim. Examples of these emerging technologies include:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain

RPA can be used to streamline and automate repetitive processes, allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks. Additionally, AI systems like chatbots can provide customers with the personalized service they crave. Finally, blockchain technology has been proven effective for tracking supply chain data without requiring intermediaries or human error. These technologies are quickly gaining popularity in the manufacturing industry, and it’s important to consider how they can help you improve your digital CX experience as well. For instance, AI chatbots will provide customers with guidance and information 24/7, making your business accessible at any time. RPA solutions can help automate production processes based on your customers’ needs. In order to truly succeed during this transition, manufacturers need to embrace emerging technologies that will not only streamline processes but also offer a better customer experience. To learn more about integrating these new technologies into your digital CX, connect with ASAR Digital today.

Number Five: Creating a Better Digital Customer Experience is a Top Priority for Manufacturers

As mentioned before, most manufacturers are currently lagging behind is digital CX solutions. To compete successfully, they need to make digital CX a top priority. To do this, manufacturers could consider using tools like SAP Service Cloud to build a personalized and engaging experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Also, focus on employing emerging technologies like RPA, AI, and blockchain to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. Finally, make self-service features an integral part of your digital CX plan so customers can easily find what they are looking for and get the answers they need. With help from SAP products, implementing new technologies can happen without creating data silos or winding up using multiple systems unable to share information.  Whether you’re looking to improve customer retention and satisfaction, or you simply want to ensure that your processes are as efficient as possible, SAP offers the tools and support that manufacturers need to succeed in today’s digital climate.

ASAR Digital: Driving Success for B2B Manufacturers and Suppliers

The digital customer experience is quickly becoming an integral aspect of doing business, and manufacturers who don’t adapt could quickly find themselves left behind. As revealed in our latest report, in order to stay competitive, it’s essential to focus on building a personalized and engaging experience for your customers using tools like SAP Service Cloud. ASAR Digital is a leader in creating exceptional digital CX solutions using award-winning products from SAP. We’ve helped household brand names such as Kodak, Monster Energy and Callaway Golf to create digital experiences that meaningfully engage their customers. For more information on how ASAR can assist your manufacturing brand, contact us today. To access the full trend report, please visit here. No Fields Found.

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