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SAP C4C vs Sales Cloud Confusion!

Are you wondering what is the difference between SAP C4C or Cloud for Customer and SAP Sales Cloud? With all due respect, SAP Brand marketing has been consistent in creating confusion for SAP CRM Solutions. A long time back I wrote a blog Hybris Confusion to clarify the difference solutions branded under Hybris. Similarly, now there is widespread confusion about SAP C4C vs SAP Sales Cloud.


SAP C4C provides Sale force automation capabilities for modern Sales Organizations. This application has evolved over the last 10 years to become even better than leading cloud-based CRM solutions such as Salesforce. At a high-level SAP Cloud for Customer or C4C is a sub-set of SAP Sales Cloud solution as shown in the diagram above. To understand the difference between SAP Sales Cloud and Cloud for Customer, it is important to realize the difference between the actual cloud system and the branding and licensing. SAP Cloud for Customer is a public cloud tenant that includes Sales Force Automation (SFA) capabilities.

Sales Cloud

However, SAP Sales Cloud is just a branding from SAP. It includes three different solutions namely SFA Solution (or the Cloud for Customer or C4C), CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote). Along with Sales Performance Management Solution (also known as SAP Commissions). You can license these three solutions independently under the SAP Sales Cloud license. So you could license SAP Sales Cloud – SFA (that will give you access to C4C). Or you could license SAP Sales Cloud – CPQ (to access CPQ). Additionally, you could license SAP Sales Cloud – SPM (to access Commissions tool).

To summarize, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a sub-set of SAP Sales Cloud. It’s identified as an SFA Solution under Sales Cloud. The other two solutions under SAP Sales Cloud are CPQ and Sales Performance Management also known as SAP Commissions. If you want to see the demo of these three SAP Sales Cloud solutions, please click on the links below:

(Cloud for Customer or C4C) SAP Sales Cloud SFA Demo

(Configure, Price, Quote) SAP Sales Cloud CPQ

(Commissions) SAP Sales Cloud SPM

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