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Sales Target Planning: 13 Easy Steps

C4C’s Planning Capabilities

SAP C4C is a next generation CRM software having mature Sales Target planning capabilities which cover almost all best practices of the Industry. Companies can implement Sales Target functionalities without additional cost along with powerful analytical reporting which can help in measuring different dimensions of Sales planning. SAP C4C also offers interactive dashboards and KPIs to help the Sales team to measure the set targets. The solution is also accessible via mobile and in offline mode. Sales teams will be more efficiently equipped with all the critical information they need to optimize their sales funnel.

Sales Managers’ main objective is to increase sales effectiveness by setting up the sales targets and keeping the sales team focused on achieving set goals.

This article will cover how to create a new sales target plan. Let’s start with a bigger picture.

Sales Target Planning

Sales Target Planning is a standard feature in C4C Tenant edition. It can be activated in Project Scope with the following path:

Sales > Sales Planning and Forecasting > Communication for Sales Planning (and also) > Reporting and Analytics for Sales Planning.

Sales Target Planning allows the user to set measurable sales revenue targets for a specific horizon and dimensions like Territory, Account, Employee, Product Category, Product, Sales Unit and Account. A Sales Manager can set the targets using dimensions for a specific horizon. The Sales Manager can then monitor and measure sales revenue targets for an employee, comparing plan with the opportunities created by Sales employees.

Steps to create Sales Target plan

  1. Sales > Sales Target Planning

2. Set the General Properties like Sales unit, Horizon (monthly, Quarterly, Yearly). Option to change the Employee responsible and Currency. Click “Next” button. * Only one plan for a certain sales unit and horizon is allowed.

3. Select the dimension checkbox/es to measure Sales Target: Territory, Accounts, Employee, Product Category, Product and Sales Unit.

4. Select the checked planning dimension and then click “Edit” button. Enter the dimensions  (Territory, Accounts, Employee etc.).

5. Manage Plan versions – Multiple versions can be added but only one version can be active at a time. Only Active version will be available for reporting once the plan is released.

6. Optional step to copy data from the preceding sales plan into your plan version to get a basis for your planning. Select the source data and the plan version into which the selected data will be copied. Then click “Next”.

7. Then click “Next” button to review properties and detailed dimensions. Then click on “Finish”

8. To enter Sales Target, click on excel icon under “Plan data” fields. An excel file will be downloaded on the local machine. (SAP C4C Excel Add-in will be required).

9. Enter Sales target for each selected dimension.

10. When finished with the planning, click on “Refresh all” button under SAP C4C tab.

11. Click “Save All”.

12. Change the Status of Sales Plan to ‘Active’

13. Select the Sales Plan row, Sales Target will be displayed at the bottom

It’s that simple! You’ve now increased effectiveness and set tangible targets for your team. Sales Target Planning within C4C is just one of many features that optimize your team’s productivity. Don’t hesitate to reach out to team ASAR for more information on C4C.

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