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What advantages does SAP hold over other market leaders?

One of the biggest players in the CRM market is SAP. While these SaaS solutions have their use cases where they can be optimized and successfully applied, I’ll explain why SAP Sales Cloud is the best solution.

SAP is an Industry Titan 

SAP is a venerable market force throughout leading global industries like Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Tech. In the Food&Bev industry, SAP’s software infrastructures can automate much of the tedium by handling rural sourcing management, creating sustainable food supply chains as demand increases, and boosting farm efficiency. Roughly 80% of the global food supply is produced by SAP customers. 

SAP tech’s integration into the IoT has it poised to benefit from the sweeping changes the manufacturing sector is undergoing. Discrete manufacturing is becoming heavily influenced by the Internet of Things, wherein consumers can tap the supply chain more directly via repeat and smart ordering through their devices. Sensor technology and smaller lot sizes are streamlining the repetitive manufacturing game. 

In tech, the landscape is shifting to subscription-based and access-based models, which SAP is at the forefront of. The current wave is the monetization of intellectual property and SAP is one of the best suited industry leaders for the task with it’s maintenance of complex networks of users and content. 

Companies of all sizes across the manufacturing chain need to keep clients and end users happy with their products and services. This is where the vastness of the supply chain and SAP’s reach as an industry leader all shrink down to the micro level of individual service representatives. SAP Salescloud gives these teams a huge amount of power to resolve incidents, and ultimately keep customers happy. 

So let’s get to the features that make SAP Salescloud such a competitive CRM. Its backoffice integration capabilities, its deep industry-specification, and the ability to use its systems even while offline.

1) SAP has seamless integration to backoffice systems

When the time comes to make a decision on an integrated CRM-ERP solution, SAP Sales Cloud should be the first name on that list. With experience over the past 30 years, SAP is clearly the industry leader. The positives of having SAP ERP in conjunction with SAP Sales Cloud can reduce your subscription costs. Using those solutions will make for a smooth integration as well as provide a 360 view of the customer. This can, in turn, empower your sales teams as well as provide crucial reporting data and streamline workflows.

2) SAP offers industry-specific solutions

SAP’s industry specific solutions support best-practice business processes. This will help refine workflows and can even provide an applicable solution, rather than a custom build.

SAP Sales Cloud has integration solutions for many different industries such as Financial, Service, Manufacturing and Energy and Natural Resources.

3) SAP Offline Mode

Field Technician and Sales representatives love the offline mode feature in SAP Sales Cloud. They are able to access the CRM without internet access, and once a connection is restored, the data is then synced. Other CRMs offer offline modes which are mostly read only. SAP will allow changes offline that will then sync when back online. 

Sales Cloud is the obvious choice when it comes to your CRM. SAP’s seamless integration with the backoffice, it’s industry specific solutions, and it’s offline capabilities give it the edge needed to be competitive in the world of CRM software. Your teams can work more smoothly to support each other and – most importantly – your end-users and customers. SAP’s stature as an industry leader bears out statistically. But more than this, it’s convenience and ease of use is in the experience and use-value that satisfied SAP clients experience. 

We are happy to talk with you about SAP Sales Cloud, as it relates to your integration and implementation needs. Reach out to #teamASAR and discover what this market leader can do for you! 

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