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Key Innovation Highlights of S/4HANA Public Cloud 2402 Release

Key Innovation highlights of S/4HANA Public Cloud 2402 release

By: Kiran Bhat, Practice Director

SAP has brought another round of new and exciting innovations with S/4HANA Public cloud 2402 edition. Like in every new release another round of new features and enhancements has been added to the core of S/4HANA public cloud. AI, ML and business automations is buzzing word around the world and in every one’s mind, SAP is embedding intelligent capabilities in their products regularly and continue to invest in AI to help organizations be successful by increasing the productivity with high efficiency, doing the things faster, automated and making a better decision. A few key highlights and innovations are.

Joule is a natural language generative AI powered copilot, that can redefine & boost the user interaction, streamline business processes, and enhance productivity. It can offer quick, contextual access to content and applications; users can simply ask Joule for guidance and get pointed in the right direction. Joule can guide users to find the right functionality within SAP ERP, can Streamlines task completion, making processes more efficient and can retrieve and presents data from existing S/4HANA documents. Its available now through early adopter care program by SAP

Modern and Collaborative User Experience:
The classical Fiori group’s setup is outdated and the introduction of spaces and pages in SAP Fiori Launchpad provides a more intuitive, role-based user interface, improving user experience. With spaces and pages, users will move to more of a day in the life of process-oriented, role-based approach to the launchpad by personalizing & customizing the spaces & pages. It Enable business users to use these new features & access their to-dos combining tasks from My Inbox and situations from My Situations

  • Manage their favorite pages.
  • Manage their favorite apps and access their recently or frequently used apps.
  • Get insights through KPI tiles or analytical cards.
  • Personalize the layout and the content.
  • Access My Home on any device.
  • Contact card collaboration is now possible by initiating chats, calls, or video meetings directly from the To Do section of the Launchpad.

Integration with the collaborative stage view in Microsoft Teams:

facilitates information sharing & helping to enhance collaborative efforts across platforms.

    • Enable users to share apps built using SAP Fiori elements through a loop component in the following software: Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook
    • Collaborate with colleagues directly from an app built using SAP Fiori elements in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
    • Share live information efficiently using a Microsoft loop component that:
  • Shows up-to-date information from SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  • Allows direct user interaction on the tile.

Parallel Project lines:
With this new capability in roadmap of activate methodology and availability of parallel project lines feature in early adoption mode now business can create large business configuration projects in a project tenant to test configuration changes, new features, localizations, own custom coding and to keep it separate from the productive line until only when its ready to merge.

Intelligent & sustainable finance:
The solution provides you with a comprehensive risk management framework containing the right tools to become compliant with internal controls, laws, and regulations that apply to your organization and enables you to manage potential risks for your organization.

Sales order auto completion: Using ML more intelligence has been brought for order to cash processes. Using historical data and machine learnings, the system can be trained to propose the recommended missing field values to fill in to complete the sales orders that are in incomplete status. This helps to reduce a significant amount of time spent in order processing and increase productivity.

Business rules to determine default Item categories in the sales documents:
A new feature to define Business rules in the business rule frameworks so that system can be propose the default item category for items in sales quotations, sales order and sales order without charge. Business rules allow us to use it in different applications. Instead of determining the default item category now system can propose the default item category according to the business rules that user specified.

Improved Product experience in Service companies:

  • Proactive and efficient project management: a detailed project overview Fiori app, enables managers to monitor project health and address issues like missing time entries, pending invoices, or unassigned roles. This can allow for more.
  • Enhancements in Manage Project billing include editing billing due dates, merging billing plan items, and creating preliminary billing documents.
  • Advanced solution order management can elevate every sales opportunity is maximized for optimal results, enhancing the process from ordering to billing and accounting.

Enhancements to product -centric and manufacturing companies:

  • Integration between SAP S/4HANA public cloud and SAP Integrated business planning (IBP) allows companies to leverage comprehensive data for production planning and align with customer demands.
  • Third party order processing is tailored for businesses and can simplify direct shipments from suppliers to customers with enhanced order fulfillment and reduced logistical expenses.
  • The automatic linkage of equipment to service contracts helps improve the combined sales of a physical good and a service and enables you to increase revenue by selling combinations of physical products, one-time services, and recurring services

Model Product specifications can be copied into professional purchase requisitions, which helps reduce time and efficiency. Purchase can bundle the material and service items in a logical hierarchy in PR professional app to search, filter and copy.

A new SAP Fiori app in Supply Chain Management lets inventory manager view the journey of a specific serial number and can view all the business documents that contain a specific serial number and access those business documents to see the details.

You can explore the latest cutting-edge SAP S/4HANA Cloud public edition by visiting here and if you have any questions & need help or a product demo of S/4HANA Public Cloud, please contact Team ASAR!

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