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What is CDP?  It is… Smart, Personified.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is analytics software designed to help marketers manage their customer data in one unified destination.

Whoa!  Unify my customer data?

Really? Yes, indeed.  With CDP.

Hey, that rhymes!

Speaking of rhymes, understanding CDP is kinda like listening to Kanye West. It’s something that’s so smart and versatile it can be difficult to summarize the depth.  

No worries. Just let ASAR Digital get on the mic and drop some science.

CDP is the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

ASAR Digital will guide you through how…

Customer experience, not just smart.  SUPER smart.

Let the bass go… Boom!

Simply, CDP allows you to bring together first-party customer data across sales, service and marketing to create the most accurate unique customer profiles. Thus, a more intelligent understanding of your individual customer. 

For your customer, it’s like making sure you are on the right playlist of songs.  No one wants to hear a song they hate.  They’ll just hit skip, right? 

Same deal here.

No one wants to see an ad that’s irrelevant to their lifestyle.  Therefore, CDP customizes your messaging so that customers ONLY see the right message, at the right time — in the right place.

Furthermore, it gets better as you go.  Again, it’s kinda like music.  The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  But here, it’s with data.  The more data you feed the CDP, the more intelligent your business becomes.   And …mic drop.

Now, a deeper dive into CDP!

So, before, as a music lover, I used to get force-fed ads for products I really had zero interest in.  I wanted to listen to Kanye, but kept getting served Blake Shelton.  Yeah.  Nobody wants that experience.

Or, when I opened up my Instagram or TikTok, if they were smart enough to show me music ads, it would invariably be for a song I bought off iTunes 2 months ago.

Which brings us to our new best friend… drumroll …the Customer Data Platform.

Ok.  So here’s the challenge. 700 words to explain why CDP is the game changer we’ve all been waiting for.  Get ready.  Get set.  Go!!!!

CDP is one of the most powerful and useful ways a brand can maximize their first party data.

Data from sales, service and marketing — all unifies to build highly accurate customer profiles.

Plus, at the same time, optimize that data to understand the individual customer intent with deeper insights.

Great news, right?  The more data you put into a CDP, the more you get out of it.

Think of a CDP as a data-driven marketer’s 2IC, responsible for so many vital things.

Collection.  Unification.  Segmentation.  Activation.  Analysis.

Let’s break it down further.

The unmatched data collection allows your brand to unlock omnichannel customer engagement, integrating multiple social media audiences.

No more massive spreadsheet induced headaches trying to collect customer data from all different sources – that don’t talk to each other.  And forget about typing stuff in yourself.  No, no, no.  The CDP can crunch all that for you.

Uncover hidden business opportunities by unifying all customer data, and improve omnichannel engagement by gaining confidence in your customer profiles.  The beauty of having more specific, accurate data lies in the ability to provide the customer a more thoughtful experience.

For example, your business may have customer data living in multiple different places.  Which is great.  But your sales team data may not be talking to your social media data, or your website data.  Wouldn’t it be super cool if you could integrate insights from your Facebook data with your Google Analytics?  Well, a CDP can do just that.  Giving you a more holistic view of your customer, and thereby facilitating your ability to target them with the right messaging, at the right, to deliver your desired results.

A CDP builds trust.  Providing a thoughtful, relevant customer experience builds trust with your brand.  In this way, data thereby creates trust in your brand.  

This unified collection makes segmentation for marketing sooooo much easier.  In addition, by giving a more holistic view of your customers, the profiles you build from that analysis will be more accurate.  Ultimately, that will guide you toward that holy grail of growing revenue — and maximizing ROI.

CDP can activate the right customer data, based on purpose, and deliver the right engagement systems in real-time for hyper-personalized engagements.

For marketers, it means you can deliver hyper-personalized, supercharged customer experiences that perform.

STOP wasting time and money on campaigns that just plain won’t resonate in a way that makes you money.

The difference for me?  These days instead of those Blake Shelton ads, now I get advertisements for the blissful beats of Kanye.

And, I stopped getting appeals for songs I had already purchased.  Bonus!

This is the power of CDP.

Creating brand interactions that are relevant and drive greater experiences while building loyalty.

Let ASAR Digital guide your transformation into the growing world of CDP. 

ASAR Digital is an SAP Gold-rated partner.  
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