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5 Reasons Your B2B Company Needs SAP Commerce Cloud

Digital commerce continues to grow in sophistication and ability each day. This digital evolution is being embraced by those with purchasing power in the B2B sector; they are responding to innovative commerce solutions – such as websites, mobile apps and hyper-personalized touchpoints, like never before. For instance, according to Statista Research, 17% of all B2B sales will be through a digital platform in 2023. This is a noticeable rise in activity compared to 2019. In 2019, just 13% of all B2B purchases were done online. As e-commerce solutions continue to improve, we can expect more money between businesses to be exchanged via the world wide web.
What does this mean for enterprise B2B organizations? Simply put, this means NOW is the time to adopt a comprehensive digital solution. One where your customers enjoy interacting with you and accessing your products and services. A solution with a centralized database at its heart to provide real-time data that power-builds loyal customer relationships. As we move forward, B2B businesses need a cloud-based e-commerce platform that is:

  • Robust to keep your brand relevant. 
  • Easily accessible to your customers and team members 24/7.
  • Agile CX to pounce on new growth opportunities.

The SAP Commerce Cloud can meet all your digital concerns and improve your business in ways you didn’t even know existed. SAP Commerce Cloud is helping ASAR Digital’s globally recognized clients -such as Monster Energy, Kodak, and Powell Electronics- stay current and adapt to this new era of business. Need more reasons why SAP Cloud Commerce is best for your B2B enterprise? Perfect.

5 Reasons It’s Time for the SAP Commerce Cloud

Reason 1: Reach Global Customers From One Site

Large organizations with established customers in locations across the globe commonly have multiple websites to serve different geographical areas, languages, and currencies. When a global company with numerous websites in its asset portfolio begins a digital transformation, a common question tends to pop up: Can we consolidate and integrate several websites into one centralized space? Yes, if you have Sap Commerce Cloud at the helm of your transformation. With its multi-everything approach, SAP Commerce Cloud can help brands easily create amazing B2B buying journeys, including experiences with cross-border applications in mind. It can support multiple languages, currencies, content and sites. For a first-hand experience of a single-site integration, consider our ASAR Digital customer Monster Energy..We unlocked their B2B potential with the power of SAP Commerce Cloud.

Reason 2: Unlock New Levels of Business CX Agility

Businesses that win at CX agility tend to outperform competitors that are slower to adapt. This means that how quickly a company can respond to new developments – internally and externally- will directly impact its profitability, performance, and brand reputation. But, if a company has an agile CX process that can adapt to unforeseen circumstances, such as recent supply chain disruptions, it can likely mitigate significant losses. How? Suppose an organization is better able to respond to a supply chain disruption – perhaps by informing customers of impending production delays or, being able to source alternate materials. In that case, they are more likely to maintain profitable revenues year-round. SAP Commerce Cloud can help enterprise organizations navigate supply chain concerns and other agility constraints. This is done by providing a single platform where all logistics and supply chain data can be integrated, alleviating data silos and stale information. This way, companies can identify issues before they become roadblocks and take swift action to mitigate their impact. Convinced already? That’s cool. Just contact ASAR Digital to get started. We are a prestigious SAP Gold Partner, deep in experience. To book your free demo, click here.

Reason 3: Pounce On New Growth Opportunities

Recently, we’ve seen an explosion of new e-commerce opportunities develop and unfold online. This is because many digital platforms that have been created enable businesses new and meaningful ways to reach and connect with customers. Companies are responding to these new opportunities by employing multiple business models. Examples of these innovative growth opportunities include:

  • Subscription services
  • Selling products on an online marketplace, such as Amazon or Walmart
  • Offer B2B and Direct-to-Customer offers
  • SaaS

Finding these new customers is exciting and drips with increased revenue potential, but costly inefficiencies can quickly arise if data from the different business models aren’t well-integrated. This is where SAP Commerce Cloud can help. It has the ability to bring together data from various venues, programs, apps, and CRM platforms into one single, clearly defined space.

Reason 4: Move Past Outdated Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are often not migrated to new, more capable options because organizations rely heavily on them to run their businesses. While these systems once served the company well, most are no longer able to meet the needs of their customers the way a modern, technologically advanced system can. In essence, a legacy system may be holding your company back. Many legacy footprints rely on antiquated technology that’s run on outdated systems with little to no support. They may introduce the risk of obsolete and inaccurate data being used to make decisions and create sources of misinformation throughout the system. SAP Commerce Cloud can help enterprise organizations move past these issues and into a modern, efficient, predictable way of doing business. With SAP Commerce Cloud, you can break free from those legacy systems and finally upgrade to a modern technology platform that can easily support the needs of your customers, team members, suppliers, and shareholders.

Reason 5: Make Every Customer Experience Meaningful

Customers today expect frictionless, hyper-personalized experiences across all digital channels. This holds true in the B2B sector. B2B buyers in 2022 want the same accessible, intuitive experiences they encounter in B2C commerce shops from their wholesalers, suppliers, and service providers. They want their mobile experience to be as seamless as a desktop checkout. They want to connect to service representatives on their time and be able to access accurate information without jumping through multiple hoops. Your B2B business can meet this new reality head-on with SAP Commerce Cloud. There’s no easier way to create unique, dynamic, and consistent experiences for every customer that help drive brand loyalty and customer retention.

B2B Sales Results with SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is your solution for a platform that can give your enterprise business the agility, flexibility, and deep insights it needs to thrive in today’s digital landscape. With its advanced technology and powerful features, SAP Commerce Cloud will help boost your company’s profitability and enable your team to confidently take on new growth opportunities. Ready for more? Get a bird’s eye view of SAP Commerce Cloud’s potential from ASAR Digital To book your free demo, click here For more industry news and insight, be sure to follow ASAR Digital on LinkedIn

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