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How Does Emarsys Help Marketing?

E-commerce savvy today relies on knowing the key differences between Marketers and Consumers, and what they’re looking for in their respective platforms.

Wouldn’t it be great if you as a marketer could sell your products or service at full price? I am sure you’d love to, but to meet consumer’s needs, this isn’t the reality.

Emarsys Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns within Emarsys attract existing leads closer to making their purchase. Likewise, someone who is sitting on the fence unsure if they will buy, this will attract them towards actually buying. 

At various intervals during the year, organizations capture the buyers, hitting the nail on the head with sales campaigns which are strategically planned to increase demand for your product and boost revenue and move your business from “no sale” to “sold out” for the season. 

Campaigns run for a limited time, and finding a great offer or discount is on our mind throughout the entire purchase journey. So this sense to lookout for price drops and promotions motivates prospective buyers to move quickly down the funnel.

The need and want are mapped!

Streamlining the Systems

So to streamline the process of cross-functional and multi-channel approach with people from different landscapes, the process is tedious. Country/Region/Language, calls for numerous phone/zoom/video calls and back and forth emailing. This is a nightmare for Marketing Managers. 

The good news is that there is a better way to orchestrate your sales and promotional campaigns across all social media channels and platforms with SAP acquired Emarsys . 

Emarsys offers unique categories. Such as Loyalty Management and SMS Marketing, Push Notifications, Email Deliverability, Mobile Marketing, Transactional Email, Customer Data Platform and E-Commerce Personalization. 

These categories target your lists of leads.png Existing Leads, Potential and Existing customers or contacts. They set goals on percentage increase in sale and traffic attributed calculations during the campaign and against non-promotional period.

Streamline your multi-channel approach by getting in touch with team ASAR today. We’re here to help you transit into Emarsys.

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