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CTI Integration offers 3 Worthwhile Conveniences

CTI Integration with SAP’s Cloud for Customer

CTI Integration with Cloud for Customer (or C4C) automates and streamlines tedious systemic processes that sales reps and service agents deal with daily. SAP’s C4C (or the combination of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud) is made more powerful by conjoining it with the use-value of CTI services. Customer service is enhanced via CTI integration, calls are directed with greater efficiency, and CRM information is readily available to representatives when these systems are integrated. Here we’ll dive into how these conveniences function within the combined systems.

CTI and Real-time Customer Service

CTI (Computer telephony integration) Is an application provided by a vendor to handle incoming and outgoing phone calls to a system, typically so that their business software can have more control over call management. 

With CTI, Service Specialists don’t need a physical phone – they can perform all phone functions on their computer using on-screen controls for telephony functions such as 

  • answering and disconnecting calls
  • putting callers on hold
  • transferring calls

CTI Integration and Call Routing Abilities

CTI does more than adding phone controls to the agent interface. It enables capabilities that are at the very core of running an effective and efficient business, including call routing – CTI integration facilitates data-directed call routing, performed by the automatic call distributor (ACD). Using data collected from an incoming call together with customer data from a company’s system of record such as a CRM, calls can be routed to a Service Specialist that is best skilled to fulfill the customer’s needs. 

The CTI adapter allows for users to intake phone calls into the system and display pertinent customer information. Once we receive a call we are able to see a live activity popping up for the Service Specialist to answer in real-time, consult with another colleague, transfer the caller to another department, and so on – all without ever touching an actual telephone.

CTI Integration and Support History Records 

CTI provides the ability to pre-populate the computer screen with the customer’s information and history based on the identification of the caller via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) data or ANI (Automatic Number Identification). CTI integration also allows for queuing, treatment (i.e., recorded messages or on-hold music).

Right after the phone call is answered the system, by default,  pulls up enough information about the customer and his/her call even before accepting the customer’s call. This allows the end-user to get its access – such as what transpired in the account, and how the Service Specialist might better suit the customer on the call.

The Service Specialist could utilize the timeline information to show how many times this customer has called in as well as previous notes. This history allows us to see details such as registered products or any tickets that have been opened for this customer.  After opening the live activity Center Service Specialist is able to start detailing notes from the customer. 

CTI Integration Provides Service Specialists with Real-Time CRM Information

Once the customer’s record has been saved, it will live inside the CRM underneath this particular customer. This also allows agents to track who called in, along with caller ID. After opening their information, the Service Specialist can see information such as anything dictated in regards to tickets or notes as well as what record he belongs to. He can see the account and everyone’s engagements with that specific customer.

Another helpful tool can be found underneath the customer hub. The Service Specialist can add a knowledge center that allows him to troubleshoot articles and common fixes that might help the customer while being on the phone call with them. Once the note is completed, the Service specialist can decide if he wants to create an account, contact, or a ticket from this phone call. Based on what he selects, he can see different selections such as the tickets, the orders for this particular customer inside the system in real-time, which allows him to better serve his clients.

Learn more about SAP’s C4C, or contact ASAR Digital to discuss integration possibilities.

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