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Consumers are Craving Human-Centric Experiences

Social Media and Changes in Digital Marketing

The days of being present on every social media platform imaginable are over. The need to declutter is almost crucial. Forbes says, “Reducing social media channels to only the most relevant will be not only popular but necessary”. This may sound scary, although you can trust that consumers are no longer using social media just for discovery. Consumers have increasingly been using social media as a channel to purchase from. With these changes, you should choose one to two social media channels. These channels should have your largest target audience and ensure there is a smooth transition for the consumer from discovery to purchase. Similar to what many brands have done with Amazon.

The replacement of varying social media platforms for organizations has been the increase in virtual events. 2020 taught us that almost anything can be moved online. Consumers greatly appreciate live events where the feeling of a two-way conversation is as close to an in-person experience as possible. Even when the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel comes into view, virtual events are here to stay. When safety concerns no longer force our events to be online, the increased ROI and accessibility can’t be beat. We can expect a mix of in-person and virtual events for the foreseeable future. Since almost everything has moved online, a simple webinar doesn’t make the cut anymore. Think outside the box and step into your consumer’s shoes. Understand what type of event would benefit them the most. For example, the grocery store Marianos launched “ Mariano’s Meet-Ups, Virtual Events spanning Chef Demos, Mixology Classes, and Live Music, and Tricoci market Virtual Consultations for at home treatments”. 

What Consumers are Looking for Within a Company Prior to Purchase

The pandemic has not only shifted our focus to online, it also brought out more empathetic consumers with higher standards. With the internet at our fingertips, informed buyers want to buy from informed brands. From reading reviews to being involved in online community forums. Consumers crave reassurance before they buy to ensure they don’t make the wrong decision with their purchase. With that, consumers can spot a shady company from a mile away with the power of the internet. They are looking for purpose driven missions and goodwill amongst the companies they purchase from or work with. So having a good reputation on the internet has never been more important.

How to Achieve A Human-Centric Brand

With this, a great customer experience is more important than ever before. Consumers not only crave an enjoyable experience, they expect it. As a marketer, having access to one source of truth across the organization is the most effective way to achieve this. A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System can revolutionize your marketing and sales. As well as providing a better experience for your customers and prospects. There are numerous CRM tools available, although my personal favorites and the techniques that yield the most effective results are: 

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile CRM Marketing
  • Deep segmentation and personalization
  • Customer retaining
  • Search Marketing
  • Predictive Analysis

The bottom line here is making the best use of what technology has gifted to the marketers. If the powerful asset of the mind of a marketer is combined with software as efficient as CRM, any brand can do wonders. Gather information, apply it wisely, and predict the results. To reap the best of a brand’s future with the CRM marketing strategies. Reach out to #teamasar if you’re curious to learn more.

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