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What is CX Content?

In the year of 2021, everyone is a Content Producer to some extent. Indeed, if you’ve ever used a meme generator to slap an Impact font phrase over an image, or put together a TikTok video, you’ve done the work of Content Production. But content is much more than just personal expression. You can think of Content as …

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What are Customer Experience Building Blocks?

What are Customer Experience Building Blocks? In our previous article, we discussed Customer Experience. We’ll build on that concept by explaining the building blocks of Customer Experience. The scope of customer experience spans across various touch points in the customer journey. You have different customer personas, and each customer persona will have their own unique customer …

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What is Customer Experience?

What exactly is customer experience? In plain and simple terms, Customer Experience is how you make your customers FEEL at the point of their interaction with your brand and your product. Customer’s interaction with your brand could be online when they come to your store front, when they read an email from you, or in person talking to …

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CRM is dead, what’s next?

CRM was originally intended to help businesses manage relationships with their customers. CRM as a concept was launched in the 1990’s, and since then we have seen many versions and iterations from leading software companies. Though they all fundamentally deliver similar capabilities, they differentiate themselves from their competitors based on ease of use (or ease of …

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