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Backyard and Beyond; Nature Meets CX

CX Content Producer Molly Wilmes adapts concept by SAP CX Engineer Margaret Charles

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Full text :

Spring and summer my garden bursts forth with flora and fauna. Each morning I find my bird feeder empty. You can imagine the huge number of birds that pass through. A certain robin couple comes back year after year to parent their annual progeny. Mr. Robin starts by watching from the treetops. Checking for predators, watching, testing. Gathering straw by straw, they build a nest. When the nest is solid, all straw integrated into a smooth home base, they lay their eggs, nurture them, and watch them hatch.

Which offers a beautiful metaphor for what we do here at ASAR Digital. We get a bird’s eye view of the client’s needs and problems. Collecting master data, we note their pain points and map out solutions. Building configuration data from their input. Importing from legacy. And creating fresh platforms. Truly translating their goals into a product, transactional data helps us gestate the client’s goals with care. Nurturing them by removing all roadblocks and bugs. Launching them to GO LIVE!

As always, we appreciate your feedback and input on our subject matter. Plant seeds here in our digital garden by commenting or offering your viewpoint. We’d love to gestate future ideas from your commentary!

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