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SNJYA: The B2B Portal For SAP S/4HANA & Service Cloud

This webinar introduces SNJYA, our groundbreaking B2B portal built on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This portal is expertly designed to offer B2B customers a seamless self-service experience, enabling them to access their data on SAP ECC or S/4HANA systems. The demonstration highlights how customers can efficiently interact with S/4HANA in real time. Key functionalities such as requesting sales quotes, creating shopping carts, and placing sales orders are showcased, illustrating the portal's ease of use and efficiency in managing business transactions.

Additionally, SNJYA's integration with SAP Service Cloud is a major feature of the webinar. This integration enhances customer engagement by allowing users to register products, view warranties, and submit service requests effortlessly. The live demonstration of the B2B portal is a central aspect of the webinar, providing a practical view of how SNJYA can significantly enhance the Customer Experience. This webinar is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to elevate their customer interaction and streamline their sales and service processes.

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