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    Are you struggling with the complexities of Salesforce CRM, including challenging integrations, reduced usability, and escalating costs? You're in good company-over half of Salesforce users are on the lookout for more efficient, cost-effective CRM solutions. It's time to explore SAP CX, a leading CRM Software that offers the seamless experience, integration, and affordability your business demands.

    Why Switch from Salesforce CRM Software to SAP CX?


    Simplified User Experience
    Transition from Salesforce's increasingly complex system to SAP CX's intuitive interface. Experience streamlined operations with a user-centric design, ensuring a smoother, more productive CRM journey.


    Effortless Integration
    Struggling with Salesforce integrations? SAP CX offers seamless, out-of-the-box integration with your existing systems. Enjoy a hassle-free switch and continuous, streamlined business operations.


    Unbeatable Cost Efficiency
    Concerned about Salesforce's rising costs? SAP CX provides an economically advantageous alternative. Embrace a CRM solution that offers transparent pricing without sacrificing essential features, allowing your business to scale efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Simplified User Experience

    Simplified User Experience

    Move away from the complexities of Salesforce's CRM system to SAP CX's user-friendly interface. Enhance your CRM journey with a solution designed for ease of use, making every interaction more productive.

    Effortless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    Experience effortless connectivity with SAP CPQ and ERP solutions, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems. Transition easily with SAP CX and maintain uninterrupted business operations.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Unbeatable Cost Efficiency

    With concerns over Salesforce's increasing costs, SAP CX stands out as an economically viable CRM software platform. Choose a CRM solution that offers transparent pricing and robust features, enabling your business to grow without financial strain.

    Exclusive Offer: Complimentary Salesforce to SAP CX Migration Assessment

    Considering transitioning from Sales Force CRM? Explore our no-cost assessment designed for Salesforce users contemplating a shift. Discover the benefits of SAP CX, from CRM data migration ease to enhanced CRM services, and see how SAP's solutions-tailored for growing businesses-can revolutionize your sales and customer engagement strategies.

    Salesforce To SAP CX

    Elevate Your Business with the Best CRM System for Small Business

    Don’t let CRM software limitations hold your business back. Whether you’re looking for the best small business CRM, the best sales CRM, or a comprehensive CRM software for small businesses, SAP CX offers the versatility, integration capabilities, and customer engagement excellence you need.

    Get Started with SAP CX-The Best CRM for Business Growth

    Unlock the full potential of your CRM platform with SAP CX. From CRM data migration support to top-tier CRM services, we’re here to ensure your transition is seamless. Join the wave of companies upgrading their CRM software platforms for better usability, integration, and cost efficiency. Experience the difference with SAP CX, the best CRM system for small business.

    Customer Success Story

    Success Story From Former Salesforce Users

    ASAR Digital Key Differentiators

    ASAR Shield: We guarantee your implementation for the entirety of your SAP license agreement including break fixes and maintenance, at no extra cost.

    ASAR SNJYA: B2B self-service portal that integrates SAP S/4HANA and SAP Service Cloud, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all our your service and support activities.

    Cheetah RDP: Rapid Implementation Packages for S/4HANA Public Cloud starting at $150K! Once live, ASAR Shield guarantees all work.

    Why Partner with ASAR Digital?


    Our founder Sanjjeev K Singh is an SAP Press Author for 3 books on SAP Customer Experience Solutions. Our deep expertise and passion for perfection are engrained in our culture. We constantly strive to learn and innovate to help our customers with the best solution. No wonder we are one of the most respected names in the SAP Partner ecosystem!

    Rapid Deployment

    We have built our proprietary Cheetah rapid deployment packages (RDP) for various SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and CPQ. Using our RDPs, you can be up and running on your SAP solutions in a matter of a few weeks.

    Free Lifetime Support

    Did you know ASAR is the only partner to guarantee its implementation by providing lifetime support at no extra cost through ASAR Shield? Our commitment to your success extends beyond implementation. With ASAR Shield, you receive free ongoing support for the life of your SAP license, a unique offer that sets us apart from others. This means continued managed services without any additional cost.

    We Wrote the Books on SAP

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