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Transforming Callaway Golf’s B2B Storefront
With SAP Commerce


Callaway Golf Company, a global leader in golf equipment, faced significant challenges with their outdated B2B storefront. In partnership with ASAR Digital, they undertook a major digital transformation to modernize their e-commerce platform. This case study explores the journey and successes of implementing SAP Commerce, enhancing Callaway’s digital capabilities and user experience.


Callaway’s legacy B2B storefront was not only challenging to maintain but also required extensive time and resources for any updates. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and scalable e-commerce solution, Callaway explored various platforms, including Salesforce Commerce, Adobe, and Magento, before selecting SAP Commerce for its comprehensive features and integration capabilities.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was replacing the outdated system with a robust, flexible, and user-friendly e-commerce solution. Integrating this with Callaway's existing SAP ERP system was crucial for ensuring consistency across sales channels and maintaining data accuracy.

The Solution

Selection of SAP Commerce

SAP Commerce was chosen for its ability to support complex B2B operations and seamlessly integrate with existing SAP ERP systems.

Partnering with ASAR Digital

Callaway selected ASAR Digital as their implementation partner based on our expertise in SAP Commerce and a proven track record in delivering complex e-commerce solutions.

Implementation Strategy

Results and Benefits

Streamlined Operations

The implementation of SAP Commerce significantly streamlined Callaway’s B2B operations. The new platform reduced the time and resources required for maintaining and updating the storefront, allowing Callaway to respond more swiftly to market and customer needs.

Enhanced User Experience

The CPQ functionality and improved cart and checkout processes led to a more engaging and user-friendly experience for dealers and channel partners. This increased satisfaction and helped solidify long-term business relationships.

Consistent and Accurate Data Management

The integration with SAP ERP ensured that data across the e-commerce platform and back-end systems remained consistent and accurate, leading to better business decision-making and customer service.

Expanded Global Reach

The multi-country deployment strategy enabled Callaway to expand its digital presence globally, catering to a broader market and enhancing its position as a leading global brand in the golf industry.

The Outcome

The collaboration between ASAR Digital and Callaway Golf Company in implementing SAP Commerce marked a significant milestone in Callaway’s digital transformation journey. The project not only enhanced operational efficiency but also provided a superior user experience, positioning Callaway Golf as a forward-thinking and digitally advanced company in the sports equipment industry.

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