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Timken's Streamlined Customer Identity,
Access, And Consent Managment With SAP Customer Data Cloud


The Timken Company, a global leader in bearings and power transmission products, operates in 42 countries and is renowned for its innovation in engineering and manufacturing. As the company expanded its range of products and services, the Timken IT team faced significant challenges in managing user identity, access, and consent across various applications.


Timken's commitment to engineering excellence extends to its IT infrastructure, yet the team encountered multiple challenges:


The primary objectives for implementing SAP Customer Data Cloud were to:

Solution Strategy

After evaluating numerous Identity, Access, and Consent Management tools, Timken decided on SAP Customer Data Cloud for its comprehensive capabilities. They partnered with ASAR Digital, known for their expertise in implementing complex IT solutions.

SAP Customer Data Cloud Integration

Training and Knowledge Transfer


User Password Fatigue

Manual Provisioning/Deprovisioning

Compliance Visibility

Siloed User Directories

Remote Work Access

Keeping Integrations Updated

Varied Administration Models

Suboptimal Utilization and Insight Gaps

Consistent Access Management

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Compliance and Visibility

Streamlined Operations

Empowered IT Team

The Outcome

The Timken Company's implementation of SAP Customer Data Cloud, in partnership with ASAR Digital, has significantly transformed their approach to identity, access, and consent management. This strategic move not only streamlined their IT operations but also enhanced security and compliance, positioning them for continued success in the global market.

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