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Shane Company's
Migration To SAP Commerce Cloud V2


Shane Company, the United States' largest privately-owned jeweler, has been a prominent figure in the jewelry market since 1971. With its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and an extensive footprint across 20 retail stores and a dynamic online platform,, the company faced a critical need to upgrade its digital infrastructure to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving retail landscape. The decision to migrate from the SAP Hybris Commerce on-premise version to SAP Commerce Cloud v2 marked a pivotal step in their technological evolution.


Established in 1971, Shane Company built its reputation on quality and trust, evolving with time to meet the changing demands of the jewelry market. Their existing system, SAP Hybris Commerce on-premise, though robust, began to show limitations in flexibility and scalability, prompting a need for a more advanced, cloud-based solution.

The migration aimed at:


After evaluating several SAP partners, Shane Company partnered with ASAR Digital, leveraging their expertise in seamless digital transformations. ASAR's proposed lift and shift approach promised minimal disruption with maximum efficiency.

Pre-Migration Preparations

Upgrade of Commerce Platform

Integration Process

Data Migration Complexities

System Integration Issues

User Training and Adaptation

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Improved Customer Experience

Future-Proofing the Business

The Outcome

The strategic migration to SAP Commerce Cloud v2 by Shane Company, executed by ASAR Digital, has significantly bolstered their digital infrastructure. This advancement not only streamlined their operational processes but also markedly enhanced the customer experience. Equipped with this new technological prowess, Shane Company is well-prepared to navigate the future of the dynamic jewelry market, adapting swiftly to both market trends and technological advancements. This case study not only highlights the successful transition of Shane Company to a more agile and efficient cloud-based system but also showcases the potential of SAP Commerce Cloud v2 in transforming the digital landscape of retail businesses.

If you are planning a SAP Commerce Cloud migration, reach out to Team ASAR for no obligation guidance and recommendations!

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