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Transforming Sales Quoting Process
For Rochester Electronics With SAP CPQ Implementation


Rochester Electronics, a global leader in the semiconductor industry, faced significant challenges with its manual sales quoting process. To address these inefficiencies, ASAR Digital was engaged to implement SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), a solution that would revolutionize Rochester’s sales operations. This case study explores the transformation journey and the impactful outcomes of this implementation.


Rochester Electronics boasts an impressive inventory and manufacturing capability in the semiconductor sector. However, their manual sales quoting process was plagued with challenges, including incorrect product configurations, lack of pricing guardrails, and an absence of systematic quote approval workflows. This inefficiency led to extended quote preparation times, negatively impacting deal closures and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Rochester’s sales team faced several obstacles:


Selection of SAP CPQ

After evaluating multiple solutions like Salesforce CPQ and Oracle CPQ, Rochester chose SAP CPQ for its robust capabilities and seamless integration potential with their existing systems.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital, recognized for its expertise in SAP solutions, was selected to implement SAP CPQ. Utilizing the Cheetah Rapid Deployment package, ASAR Digital aimed to streamline the implementation process.

Implementation Strategy


Dramatic Reduction in Quote Preparation Time

Post-implementation, Rochester’s sales reps were able to prepare and deliver sales quotes in a matter of minutes, a significant improvement from the previous weeks-long process.

Enhanced Quote Accuracy

The accuracy of sales quotes improved to 99.9%, reducing errors and increasing customer trust and satisfaction.

Improved Profitability and Closure Rates

The efficiency and accuracy brought by SAP CPQ led to improved profitability per deal and a higher opportunity closure rate, positively impacting Rochester's bottom line.

Streamlined Sales Operations

The new CPQ system streamlined the entire sales process, from product configuration to pricing and quote generation, leading to improved operational efficiency.

The Outcome

The implementation of SAP CPQ by ASAR Digital marked a significant transformation in Rochester Electronics’ sales operations. The project not only accelerated the quoting process but also enhanced accuracy and efficiency, enabling Rochester to capitalize on sales opportunities more effectively and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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