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Streamlining Rizing’s Sales and Service Operations
With SAP CX Implementation


Rizing, a global leader in enterprise technology and management consulting, faced operational challenges due to a fragmented application landscape stemming from various acquisitions. ASAR Digital was tasked with consolidating these disparate systems into a unified SAP Customer Experience (CX) suite. This case study explores the successful implementation of SAP Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, which significantly streamlined Rizing’s operations.


Rizing operated with multiple, disconnected applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Pardot, and NetSuite. This disjointed system architecture, resulting from past acquisitions, led to inefficiencies in managing marketing, sales, and service operations.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to replace the patchwork of legacy applications with an integrated, cohesive solution. Rizing needed a system that not only streamlined operations but also provided unified visibility into sales opportunities, leads, and service management.


Selection of SAP CX Solutions

After a thorough evaluation, Rizing chose SAP CX solutions for their robust capabilities in streamlining enterprise operations. ASAR Digital was selected as the implementation partner for our expertise in SAP technologies.

Implementation Strategy

Key Capabilities and Processes Implemented


The implementation of SAP CX solutions by ASAR Digital brought transformative changes to Rizing’s operations:

The Outcome

ASAR Digital’s implementation of SAP CX solutions for Rizing successfully addressed the challenges of a fragmented application landscape. By streamlining and unifying Rizing’s marketing, sales, and service operations, the project not only improved operational efficiency but also enhanced customer engagement, positioning Rizing for continued success and growth.

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