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Revolutionizing Merchandise Order Management For Monster Energy With SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation


Monster Energy, renowned for its extensive range of energy drinks, faced significant challenges with their manual, spreadsheet-based process for merchandise orders. This case study examines how ASAR Digital successfully implemented SAP Commerce Cloud to streamline Monster Energy’s order management, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


The manual process at Monster Energy involved multiple stakeholders – bottlers, distributors, marketers, and internal staff – who placed merchandise orders using spreadsheets. These were then manually entered into the SAP ERP system by order entry clerks. This cumbersome process was prone to errors, time-consuming, and lacked real-time visibility of inventory and order status.

The Challenge

Monster Energy needed a robust, automated solution to manage merchandise orders effectively. The key challenges included:


Selection of SAP Commerce Cloud

After evaluating several e-commerce platforms, Monster Energy chose SAP Commerce Cloud for its comprehensive capabilities. ASAR Digital was selected for the implementation due to our expertise and proven track record.

ASAR's Cheetah Rapid Deployment

Utilizing our proprietary 'Cheetah' rapid deployment package, ASAR Digital implemented the SAP Commerce Cloud solution efficiently, adhering to the set timelines and budget.

Implementation Highlights


The implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud transformed Monster Energy’s merchandise ordering process:

The Outcome

ASAR Digital’s implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud for Monster Energy revolutionized their merchandise order management system. This digital transformation not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the accuracy and user experience, reinforcing Monster Energy's commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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