Asar Digital

Sales Operations Transformation
For Lonestar Pharmaceuticals With SAP Sales Cloud

Lonestar Pharmaceuticals, a prominent U.S. pharmaceutical wholesaler, collaborated with ASAR Digital to implement SAP Sales Cloud, aiming to revamp their sales operations and enhance integration with their existing SAP Business ByDesign ERP system. This decision was driven by the need for a robust CRM system that could manage complex sales processes and maintain high customer service standards. The SAP Sales Cloud was chosen for its comprehensive features and seamless ERP integration, with ASAR Digital deploying the system using their Cheetah Rapid Deployment package to minimize disruption.

Principal results from the SAP Sales Cloud implementation included:

This transformation not only streamlined Lonestar Pharmaceuticals’ sales operations but also provided the tools necessary for effective customer relationship management and strategic sales insights, setting a new standard in their operational capabilities.

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