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Sales Operations Transformation
For Lonestar Pharmaceuticals With SAP Sales Cloud


Lonestar Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, partnered with ASAR Digital for the implementation of SAP Sales Cloud. This initiative was undertaken to enhance their sales operations and ensure seamless integration with their existing SAP Business ByDesign ERP system. This case study outlines the process and outcomes of this transformative project.


Lonestar Pharmaceuticals has been a key player in the distribution of pharmaceuticals across the United States for over 35 years. With a focus on delivering hard-to-find pharmaceuticals and specialty products, the company needed a robust CRM system to streamline its sales operations and maintain its high standards of customer service.

The Challenge

Lonestar Pharmaceuticals faced several challenges with its existing sales processes:


Selection of SAP Sales Cloud

After considering various options, Lonestar Pharmaceuticals chose SAP Sales Cloud for its comprehensive features and seamless integration with SAP Business ByDesign ERP.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital was selected for the implementation due to our expertise in SAP solutions and our ability to rapidly deploy using our Cheetah Rapid Deployment package.

Implementation Strategy

Key Components:


Enhanced Sales Operations

The implementation of SAP Sales Cloud transformed Lonestar Pharmaceuticals' sales processes, leading to more efficient and organized management of sales activities.

Improved Data Management

The seamless integration between SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Business ByDesign enabled accurate and real-time data synchronization, enhancing data reliability and decision-making processes.

Increased Efficiency

The integration with Microsoft Outlook and the new task management system significantly improved the efficiency of the sales team, reducing manual efforts and streamlining communication.

Better Customer Insights

The new reporting and dashboard capabilities provided Lonestar’s sales team with deeper insights into customer behavior and sales trends, aiding in strategic planning and execution.

Rapid Deployment

ASAR Digital’s Cheetah Rapid Deployment package ensured a swift and efficient implementation, minimizing disruptions to Lonestar’s daily operations and quickly bringing the new system online.

The Outcome

The successful implementation of SAP Sales Cloud by ASAR Digital marked a significant enhancement in Lonestar Pharmaceuticals’ CRM capabilities. The project streamlined their sales processes and integrated seamlessly with their existing ERP system, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness in their sales operations.

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