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Enhancing Kodak’s B2B Commerce Experience
With SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation


Eastman Kodak Company, an iconic name in film photography and a global leader in commercial print and advanced materials & chemicals, embarked on a significant digital transformation by replacing their legacy B2B Commerce Application with SAP Commerce Cloud. ASAR Digital was selected as the implementation partner for this pivotal project, utilizing the Cheetah Rapid Deployment package to ensure a smooth transition.


Kodak, headquartered in Rochester, New York, has been a household name in photography for over a century. With a rich heritage and a vast portfolio of over 79,000 patents, Kodak has diversified into commercial printing and advanced materials. To keep pace with the digital era, Kodak recognized the need to modernize its B2B commerce platform, which was previously based on a homegrown application.

The Challenge

The legacy system, while historically significant, was not equipped to handle the evolving demands of modern B2B commerce. Key challenges included:


Selection of SAP Commerce Cloud

Kodak chose SAP Commerce Cloud for its robust, scalable, and feature-rich platform, capable of addressing their complex B2B commerce needs.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital, known for its expertise in SAP solutions, was selected as the implementation partner. Our Cheetah Rapid Deployment package was a perfect fit for Kodak’s requirement for a swift and efficient implementation.

Implementation Strategy


Streamlined Operations

The implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud transformed Kodak’s B2B operations, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Global Scalability

The multi-country, multi-currency deployment enabled Kodak to effectively manage its global client base, enhancing its reach and operational capacity.

Enhanced User Experience

The new B2B storefront provided Kodak’s clients with an intuitive and seamless purchasing experience, strengthening client relationships.

Integrated Ecosystem

The tight integration with SAP ERP ensured real-time data accuracy across the commerce platform, enhancing the reliability of business transactions.

The Outcome

ASAR Digital’s implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud for Kodak marked a significant advancement in their digital journey. The project not only streamlined their B2B commerce operations but also positioned Kodak to efficiently cater to a global clientele in their commercial printing and advanced materials business.

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