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Enhancing Customer Service Efficiency
At Grayhill, Inc. With SAP Service Cloud Implementation


Grayhill, Inc., a leader in intuitive interface components and custom solutions, faced significant challenges in their customer service operations during the pandemic-induced growth and global supply chain disruptions. The company realized the urgent need for an efficient CRM system to manage customer queries systematically. Partnering with ASAR Digital, they implemented SAP Service Cloud in a rapid 10-week timeline. This case study examines the transformative impact of this implementation.


Grayhill, Inc., with its headquarters near Chicago and facilities worldwide, experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic. However, this growth brought to light the inadequacies of their existing customer service processes, which relied heavily on manual, spreadsheet-based methods.

The Challenge

Grayhill’s customer service team struggled with an inefficient system to track and resolve customer inquiries, leading to delayed responses and growing customer dissatisfaction. The manual process was proving to be a significant bottleneck in maintaining service quality and efficiency.


Selection of SAP Service Cloud

After evaluating various CRM solutions, Grayhill chose SAP Service Cloud for its comprehensive capabilities in managing customer service operations.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital, recognized for its rapid and effective SAP implementations, was chosen to lead this critical project, with a focus on a fast-paced deployment.

Implementation Strategy

Key Components:


Improved Efficiency in Service Operations

The SAP Service Cloud implementation led to a 50% reduction in average ticket handling time, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The streamlined process for capturing and resolving service requests resulted in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Faster Response Times

With systematic ticket management and SLAs in place, Grayhill’s customer response times improved markedly, aligning with their commitment to customer service excellence.

Operational Transformation

The transition from a manual, spreadsheet-based system to SAP Service Cloud transformed Grayhill’s customer service operations, setting a new standard for responsiveness and efficiency.

The Outcome

The rapid and successful implementation of SAP Service Cloud by ASAR Digital marked a significant milestone in Grayhill’s digital transformation journey. The project not only streamlined their customer service operations but also positioned Grayhill to better handle the challenges of a growing customer base and complex supply chain dynamics, ensuring sustained customer satisfaction and business growth.

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