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GDT’s Salesforce
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In the rapidly evolving IT solutions sector, General Data Tech (GDT), based in Dallas, TX, faced a pivotal challenge with their existing Salesforce CRM system. The system, once a cornerstone of their sales operations, increasingly became a bottleneck for growth and operational efficiency. ASAR Digital was chosen to spearhead a strategic migration to SAP Sales Cloud, a decision that marked a significant turn in GDT's approach to customer relationship management.

The Inefficiency of Legacy Systems

GDT’s use of Salesforce, coupled with other disjointed systems led to operational silos, inefficiency, and a lack of cohesive visibility. Critical processes like opportunity management and customer engagement were hampered by these disparate platforms.

Growth and Process Challenges

As GDT grew, the limitations of the Salesforce began to surface. Key issues included:


Selecting SAP Sales Cloud

GDT, after thorough evaluation, chose SAP Sales Cloud for its comprehensive, integrated approach to CRM. This platform promised to streamline GDT's processes and provide the scalability necessary for growth.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

GDT’s choice of ASAR Digital as the implementation partner was influenced by our deep expertise in SAP solutions and a track record of successful, transformative implementations.

Key Implementation Phases:

Customization and Feature Enrichment:

Results and Benefits

Transformational Business Impacts

Project Delivery Success

The Outcome

The strategic migration from Salesforce to SAP Sales Cloud by ASAR Digital was a pivotal moment in GDT’s digital transformation journey. This shift not only brought about immediate operational improvements and cost savings but also positioned GDT to effectively handle future growth and market demands.

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