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Fast-Rite International, Inc. is a renowned component management company specializing in delivering cost-saving, custom-engineered solutions. They leverage advanced SAP technology through their OEM Optimizer™ to provide optimal spend management solutions. The company's diverse product categories range from fasteners and stampings to castings and assemblies. They are known for their comprehensive capabilities including four-side and multi-side machining, laser cutting, and progressive die products. Fast-Rite, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has a strong presence with multiple branches across the U.S. and international distribution hubs in Mexico, Taiwan, and China. They serve numerous Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, sourcing custom products as per demand.

The Challenge

With their business expanding and operations growing complex, Fast-Rite faced the need for an efficient system to manage sales and service operations. The company was running SAP ERP for business operations but lacked a streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The need was for a robust CRM solution that could integrate seamlessly with their existing SAP ERP system and automate their sales and service operations efficiently.


After a thorough evaluation of three major CRM applications - SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft - Fast-Rite decided to implement the SAP Sales and Service Cloud. This decision was influenced by the need for seamless integration with their existing SAP ERP system and the advanced features offered by SAP's CRM solution.

The implementation contract was awarded to ASAR Digital, a leading SAP implementation partner in the USA. ASAR Digital utilized its proprietary Cheetah Rapid Deployment package to expedite the implementation process. This package is known for its efficiency in deploying SAP solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.

ASAR Digital's role extended beyond mere implementation. They provided Fast-Rite with best practice guidance in sales operations, ensuring the new CRM system was utilized to its full potential.

The key capabilities implemented included:


The implementation of SAP Sales and Service Cloud transformed Fast-Rite's sales and service operations. Key outcomes included:

The Outcome

The collaboration between Fast-Rite International, Inc. and ASAR Digital in implementing SAP Sales and Service Cloud stands as a testament to the power of strategic technological adoption. The implementation not only addressed the immediate challenges of sales and service automation but also laid a foundation for scalable, efficient, and customer-centric operations. This case study demonstrates how adopting the right technology, when aligned with business objectives and expertly implemented, can drive significant business transformation.

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