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How CSM Transformed Its Sales Operations
By Implementing SAP Sales and Marketing Cloud!


CSM, a leader in transportation solutions, recognized the need for an advanced CRM system to address its post-pandemic growth challenges. Partnering with ASAR Digital, they implemented SAP Sales and Marketing Cloud to revitalize their CRM processes. This case study explores the journey of selecting and implementing SAP’s solutions, the challenges faced, and the transformative outcomes achieved.


CSM, with its expansive network offering a range of commercial and light-duty vehicles, as well as financial and service support solutions, experienced significant growth. However, this growth brought to light the limitations of their existing systems, particularly in managing customer relationships and inventory.

The Challenge

The challenges CSM faced were multifaceted:


Selection of SAP Sales and Marketing Cloud

After an extensive evaluation process, facilitated by a third-party consulting firm, CSM chose SAP Sales and Marketing Cloud. The decision was influenced by the solution’s robust capabilities, flexibility, and positive references.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

CSM engaged ASAR Digital for the implementation, recognizing our expertise in SAP solutions and our ability to meet their unique business needs.

Tailored CRM Capabilities:

Key Processes Streamlined:


The implementation of SAP Sales and Marketing Cloud by ASAR Digital led to transformative results for CSM:


The strategic implementation of SAP Sales and Marketing Cloud for CSM by ASAR Digital marked a significant milestone in CSM’s digital transformation journey. The project not only streamlined their sales and marketing operations but also equipped them with the tools to continue their growth trajectory effectively.

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